Ghana’s furniture industry has long been a source of pride and innovation for the country. From traditional handcrafted pieces made from locally-sourced materials to modern, mass-produced designs, the industry has continued to evolve and grow over the years.

Ghana’s furniture industry has been considered one of its pride and innovative commodity assets. According to the data from the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, the furniture industry in Ghana contributes significantly to the country’s economy, with exports totaling over $30 million in recent years. The majority of these exports are targeted toward the United States and European Union markets, with a smaller portion going to other African countries.

One of the key drivers of the furniture industry in Ghana is the abundance of raw materials such as wood, rattan, and bamboo, which are widely available and used in the production of furniture. In addition, the country has a skilled and experienced workforce, with many artisans and craftsmen passing down traditional techniques and methods from generation to generation.

The following are some of the top Furniture Companies in Ghana:

The Top Furniture Companies in Ghana

Agorwu Furniture

Agorwu FurnitureAgorwu Furniture produces high quality range of furniture that competes with imported furniture from countries such as Italy, UK, ...
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G&K Chairs

G&K Chairs We import and supply chairs to Hotels, Churches, Restaurants, etc. We give very flexible payment terms to customers ...
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Alibert Deals In Officer And Home Furniture We export what other Import

Postal Address: Paloma Hotel,Opp Bus-top Resturant ,Ring RoadContact: ...
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Bridgegate Company Limited

Bridgegate Company LimitedFurniture and door manufacturer

Postal Address: P.O. Box sc281 Tema, GhanaContact: 0207760519E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX1+9qKsKou/IT0mmmgrO6iLDSojrS0eaaqkRcD9vN8lxFnY33VHtZn2ILocation:Region:Website:none ...
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Ad&me Limited

Ad&me LimitedAd&me Ltd is a company trusted for the supply of office equipment, furniture, stationery, Toiletries and general supplies. We ...
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Kingdom Books and Stationery Ltd – Online – Website – Branches – Contact

Kingdom Books and Stationery Ltd Kingdom Books and Stationery: Your One-Stop Shop for Quality and Affordability Stationery Products Kingdom Books ...
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Zangita Co. Ltd

Zangita Co. LtdZangita Co. Ltd is into the production of Handicraft for export( we manufacture Gong stands, Kleoppels, Strikers, stools,hockers) ...
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Kubera Furnitures

Kubera FurnituresKubera Furniture is a Polish producer of upholstered furniture, interested in cooperating with foreign companies. We offer high-quality products ...
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Exbou Office Supplies Gh. Ltd.

Exbou Office Supplies Gh. Ltd.Supplies office furniture

Postal Address: Horizon Centre, Off Liberation Rd., Accra, GhanaContact: 0302786621E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX19B3g87NovbirtZBt58YwUnVdDQhfd15EI=Location:Accra CentralRegion:Greater AccraWebsite:none ...
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Office Furniture Suppliers

Office Furniture SuppliersTV StationsPostal Address: Computer Consultancy Firms Computer DealersContact: Electrical SuppliersE-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX18I21VIChN02Xh9dg/uuGZGeg5LtxIa4PM=Location:Website DesignersRegion:Communication & TechnologyWebsite:Communication & Technology ...
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Akuaba Furniture

Akuaba FurnitureAkuaba designs and manufactures quality furniture for homes, educational institutions and offices as well as outdoor play equipment and ...
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Furniture City Ghana

Furniture City Ghana One stop shop for retail of Furniture for homes, offices, Gardens, Bars, Restaurants,Hotels...and more We sell furniture ...
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DiagnoMedics Ltd

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Asuogyaman Company Ltd

Asuogyaman Company Ltd Asuogyaman Company Limited which started in the year 1989, has won the hearts of customers over 30 ...
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Asgym company limited

Asgym company limitedsawn mill company, we deal in the design , cutting and planning of wood into prescribed sizes and ...
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TekuraDeals In Home Furniture Office furniture Design In Art n craft.

Postal Address: Klanaa Street Osu , Opposite the ako ...
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GECAD HEALTHCARESupply, Installation, After Sales Services and Repairs of Hospital and laboratory Equipment as well as hospital furniture.We are distributors ...
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Royal Furnishers

Royal FurnishersWe are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the reputed and leading Contractors and Manufacturers of Wooden Furniture ...
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The Chair Centre Ghana Ltd

The Chair Centre Ghana Ltd We supply office furniture.

Postal Address: 34 Spintex Road, Accra.Contact: 0302-815936/7E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX1+I0Tbo5SD0DYJU1D0QOHTU0HSHhaJnBubSUmv1liHtdGnsSJc/B9lKGKYnDTN8xpzfE0kQYj8YvQ==Location:SakumonoRegion:Greater AccraWebsite: ...
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The Office Furniture Company

The Office Furniture CompanyThe Office Furniture Company (TOFC) is the sole local authorized dealer of Steelcase, which is one of ...
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Blue Heaven Boutique.

Blue Heaven Boutique. Blue Heaven Boutique is one of the leading Ghanaian destination clothing lines for stylish, trendy and affordable ...
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SUPPLIES EMPORIUMHigh earned office and home furniture Office desks & workstation Exclusive Office Partitions Modern Security Entrance Doors Frameless & ...
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Kingsman Ent.

Kingsman Ent.Office Furniture Supplier.

Postal Address: P.O. Box DS 1538 Accra West Ind. Area, Ghamot Rd.Contact: 0302-683000-2/4/5E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX1/VKbPJr7I35yOiis0yeNHN0EQmx3jnXTo=Location:Region:Website:none ...
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The Furniture Outlet

The Furniture OutletDealers in Computer Desk, Steel Cabinet, L-shape Office Desk, Office Desk, Reception Counters, Swivel Chairs etc.

Postal Address: ...
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The furniture industry in Ghana is a vital contributor to the country’s economy, with a rich history and tradition of craftsmanship. While facing challenges from imported competition, the industry has the potential to thrive and continue to grow with the right support and policies in place.

Despite these strengths, the furniture industry in Ghana faces several challenges. One major issue is competition from cheaper imported products, which can often be sold at a lower price due to lower production costs and weaker labor protections. This has led to a decline in the market share of domestic producers in recent years.

To address this issue, the government of Ghana has implemented a number of initiatives to support the domestic furniture industry. These include tax breaks for local producers, training programs to improve the skills of the workforce, and marketing campaigns to promote locally-made products.