Create a website with us and experience the optimum DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY. promotes businesses online by bringing them customers or leads.
We use digital marketing strategies and processes to connect with the most important aspect of any business: leads.

We are very interested in acquiring leads for any company.
We focus on the right mechanisms to provide you with related prospects when you list your business, from service-oriented enterprises to product-oriented ones.

If you already have a website, you can begin by filling out the form and listing your business with us. If your company does not yet have a website, we have the best packages for you. Connect with now and enjoy an opportunity to reach out to your potential customers.

The following are some of the top website packages we have at our sleeves. Regarding any of the website types you want to create, we focus more on communication with our clients. We have the patience to listen to your website needs like choice of colour, design, and we also focus on the loading speed of your website as this affect Google search engine results and helps improve your website visibility.

site-ecommerceCreating a Shopping / E-commerce website involves two important features: Payment system and traffic to your product page.

This requires us to provide you the best E-commerce platforms in the world. This is why we select Woocommerce platform for you. We can also implement a customized shopping platform at an extra cost.

However, if you are looking forward to launch your Shopping website within 7 days, then Woocommerce with wordpress should be your choice. Our team members are eager to build your E-commerce website to suit your preference. With payment systems, we provide options like VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL and even Mobile Money which is hooked to your bank account. Payments are made 24hrs after purchase on your website.

We let you sit down and relax while we combine all the necessary features for a full and working shopping website.

shopping real estate websiteReal Estate websites are very competitive businesses to launch in Ghana. This is why we dedicate so much time so we can build and guide you to get the best out of the rest.

With real estate websites, we focus on digital marketing. This is very important because the main goal is to find the right prospects who are looking for your 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms 3,4 and so forth. We advice and guide you to select the best platforms which is wordpress because it has tested and used by millions of people in the world.

It also provide inbuilt plugins and features that kills time and speeds up thousands of hours of work to a 7 days job. All you do is provide images, contents, logo and other  information and you are good to go.

We will guide you with a backend database to list your properties, launch very fast and beautiful themes that supports both mobile platforms and all gadgets.

At an extra cost we customize your site to receive leads from the properties, to your email or phone with our already made customized algorithm and embedded forms and codes.

With regards to Digital Marketing, because the creators of already worked with some of the top real estate websites in Ghana, we are experienced with the right keywords that most prospects are searching for online. We also help your site with SEO, and guide you on the right content to get quality related leads at a small extra cost. Read more about how to create real estate websites here.

business service websitesWith business services, the most important thing is communication with your prospects. This is why we give you the best tools to communicate on your website.

We launch a powerful CRM system at the backend of your website to deal with feedbacks, monitoring of information, KPI measurement and business relational systems.

Because most business oriented websites are service providers, we guide our clients on the best contents to publish on their website to attract the right targeted audience. Every business website content are geared and tuned based on it related niche.

We also provide the best forms for optimum conversion and also the right page channels to attract more leads like push notification systems, email marketing tools and the right advertising platform with a cost effective approach but to yield maximum impact. Read More or Start creating a business website now.

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