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With warm compliments from the Board, I welcome you to GLICO Holdings Limited, or as online searchers call GLICO Insurance or GLICO Ghana is a group of highly successful companies that cater to your insurance, financial, and other needs. Our brand, made up of:

GLICO Life Insurance,

GLICO General Insurance,

GLICO Healthcare,

GLICO Pensions,

GLICO Capital, and

GLICO Properties.

For thirty-five years, we have been providing services for sustained well-being and strive to persistently deliver on our promise to our customers, return value on our shareholders’ investments, and delight our communities. Our employees are our most cherished asset and drive our vision to be a leading world-class organization.

GLICO Insurance Company

GLICO life

1987 marked the start of GLICO Insurance Company or GLICO Life Insurance, formerly known as Gemini Life Insurance Company. As a specialist life insurance company, GLICO Insurance worked to build trust and confidence in its policyholders through tailored life insurance products and exceptional customer service. The tagline “we cushion you for life” was born to indicate GLICO’s commitment to providing protection for its customers.

In 1990, GLICO Insurance started airing its timeless television commercial, the favorite of many Ghanaians, which made the company a household brand in Ghana. The commercial, featuring the “falling man landing on the GLICO cushion,” has become synonymous with life insurance in Ghana. GLICO Life has won several awards, including the prestigious “Insurance Company of the Year” from the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) on two occasions.

GLICO Insurance has a mission to bring life insurance to every Ghanaian household and provides innovative life insurance products designed to meet the personalized needs of each customer. The company has offices across the country and employs around 150 people, offering products such as the GLICO Enhanced Education Plan (GEEP), Premium Funeral Plan, Life Savings Plan for individuals, Anidasuo and Edwa Nkosuo for the informal sector, and Group Comprehensive Plan for institutions.

The Insurance also follows prudent business management practices and operates under a world-class corporate governance structure, ensuring a strong financial base to meet its obligations to policyholders, shareholders, employees, government, and society. The company is governed by a nine-member board, chaired by Sir Daniel Charles Gyimah, a consummate financial management expert.

As a responsible corporate citizen, GLICO Life is committed to its statutory and civic duties and supports various sectors of the economy, including Health, Education, Socio-Economic, and Sports. With numerous awards, including the “Insurance Company of the Year” from CIMG, GLICO Life aims to achieve higher laurels as it works towards becoming the life insurer of choice.

GLICO General Insurance: A Leader in the Non-Life Insurance Sector

Incorporated in 2006, GLICO General Insurance operates in the non-life sector of the insurance industry and is one of the top five insurance companies in Ghana. The company provides highly responsive insurance solutions on the market and strives to consistently deliver value to its customers. GLICO General’s products include motor insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, engineering insurance, liability insurance, among others. The company has a well-established distribution network, with branches in major cities across the country, and employs over 150 people.

GLICO General

GLICO General provides quality insurance services to customers and operates under world-class corporate governance structure. This ensures a strong financial base to meet its obligations to policyholders, employees, government and the society. The company is controlled by seven board members. Their Chairman: Dr. Kwame O. Darko is a renowned medical practitioner and an insurance expert.

For corporate responsibility, GLICO General is committed to statutory and civic duty. They support various sectors of the economy. This includes Health, Education, Socia-Economic and Sports. 

With awards and recognitions in the Ghanaian insurance secgtor, GLICO General continues to hold its prestigious name in the insurance industry.

GLICO Healthcare: Providing Affordable Quality Healthcare

Established in 2011, Glico Healthcare is a sub company of GLICO Group. They provide affordable quality healthcare services to its customers. The company operates a chain of health clinics and also provides services like preventive health check-ups, minor sugeries, consultations and treatment of common illnesses.

The company has employed highly trained medical professionals and supports various health-related initiatives.  

GLICO Pensions: A Trusted Name in Pension Management

A Reputable Name in Pension Management is GLICO Pensions.

Private individuals, governmental bodies, and commercial enterprises can all use the pension administration services offered by GLICO Pensions, a division of the GLICO Group founded in 2010. In addition to the Group Pension Plan, GLICO Pension Plan, Provident Fund, and Retirement Savings Plan, the organization also provides a number of additional pension-related goods and services.

In order to respect its duties to its clients, shareholders, workers, the government, and society, GLICO Pensions works in line with an excellent corporate governance framework. The corporation’s seven-member board of directors, which has expertise in pension management, is led by Mr. K. B. Afreh.

Sport, education, health, and socioeconomics are some of the areas which GLICO Pensions supports the neighborhood. GLICO Pensions continues to be a well-known name in the pensions management sector by winning several awards and recognitions.

GLICO Capital: A Leading Financial Services Provider

GLICO Capital, a business founded in 2011, offers a variety of financial services to people, businesses, and organizations. Leasing, microfinance, investments, savings accounts, and loans are among the many services and products that the company provides.

GLICO Capital can meet its financial commitments to its clients, shareholders, staff, the government, and society thanks to a solid corporate governance framework. The chairman of the company’s seven-member board is Mr. Philip Addison, a seasoned professional in the financial services industry.

GLICO Capital supports a variety of economic sectors as a responsible corporate citizen, including sports, socioeconomic development, health, and education. Despite winning several awards and recognition in the financial services sector, GLICO Capital has maintained its position as a leading provider of financial services.

GLICO Properties: Delivering Quality and Affordable Housing Solutions

The GLICO Group’s GLICO Properties division was established in 2011 to provide customers fashionable, cost-effective housing options. In order to greatly reduce the nation’s housing deficit, the organization provides a variety of residential and commercial property options.

Every project at GLICO Properties is completed to the greatest standards thanks to the company’s highly qualified staff. The business is committed to providing premium, thoughtfully designed home solutions. The organization’s main goal is to take care of its clients’ housing needs. As a consequence, it offers a range of housing options, such as townhomes, apartments, and single-family homes, as well as commercial spaces that are ready for trade.

Green building methods and eco-friendly activities are supported by GLICO Properties in line with the business’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. The business also actively encourages community improvement and provides job opportunities.

GLICO Healthcare: Offering Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Another branch of the GLICO Group, GLICO Healthcare, was founded in 2013 and offers complete healthcare solutions to its clients. In addition to corporate and individual health insurance plans, the organization also provides specialist coverage for critical conditions.

GLICO Healthcare provides its patients with top-notch healthcare services through a team of highly qualified medical specialists. Its products are intended to provide consumers with security and financial stability in the event of unforeseen medical costs. The organization wants to provide each customer specialized, practical, and affordable healthcare solutions.

GLICO Pensions: A Trustworthy and Reliable Partner for Your Retirement

Customers can choose between pension and retirement solutions through GLICO Pensions, a 2014 subsidiary of the GLICO Group. The organization offers a variety of pension options, including personal pension plans, group pension plans, and specialized public sector pension plans.

GLICO Pensions is committed to provide its clients reliable and trustworthy solutions for the future while assisting them in achieving their retirement objectives. The company’s pension plans are created to effectively meet the demands of its clients, and its team of highly skilled pension advisers is constantly on hand to provide support and direction.

GLICO Pensions is dedicated to openness, equity, and accountability while putting a priority on offering top-notch customer service. To safeguard the security and safety of its clients’ pensions, the firm is run by a board of directors and is closely regulated.

GLICO Capital: Empowering Customers to Achieve Their Financial Goals

GLICO Capital was incorporated in 2015. This is also a subsidiary of the GLICO Group and offers a range of financial products and services to it customers. The company offers financial solutions and services to help customers to achieve their financial goals, including individual and savings groups and plans. They also have investment products and wealth management services.

With GLICO Capital, they have a solid team of highly qualified professionals with talents in the financial industry to help clients and customers find the best deals and also achieve their financial goals. With financial products and services which are diligently designed with secure and reliable platforms to manage finances.


Leading financial services company GLICO Holdings Limited offers its customers a range of personalized products and services. Every one of the company’s six subsidiary businesses—GLICO Life, GLICO General, GLICO Healthcare, GLICO Pensions, GLICO Capital, and GLICO Properties—addresses a different aspect of its consumers’ financial, insurance, and healthcare needs.


GLICO Insurance Company (or GLICO Life Insurance) – A specialist life insurance company established in 1987 that provides innovative life insurance products and exceptional customer service to policyholders. The company’s mission is to bring life insurance to every Ghanaian household and it operates under a world-class corporate governance structure.

GLICO General Insurance – A non-life insurance company incorporated in 2006 that provides highly responsive insurance solutions, including motor insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, and liability insurance. The company operates under world-class corporate governance structure and is one of the top five insurance companies in Ghana.

GLICO Life Insurance – See GLICO Insurance Company.

Gemini Life Insurance Company – The former name of GLICO Insurance Company.

GLICO Enhanced Education Plan (GEEP) – A life insurance product offered by GLICO Life Insurance that provides financial protection for a child’s education.

Premium Funeral Plan – A life insurance product offered by GLICO Life Insurance that provides financial protection for a policyholder’s funeral expenses.

Life Savings Plan – A life insurance product offered by GLICO Life Insurance for individuals that provides financial protection and savings opportunities.

Anidasuo and Edwa Nkosuo – Life insurance products offered by GLICO Life Insurance for the informal sector.

Group Comprehensive Plan – A life insurance product offered by GLICO Life Insurance for institutions that provides financial protection and savings opportunities.

Board of Directors – A group of individuals responsible for governing a company and making decisions on its behalf. GLICO Insurance Company is governed by a nine-member board and GLICO General Insurance is governed by a seven-member board.

Sir Daniel Charles Gyimah – The Chairman of the Board of Directors of GLICO Insurance Company.

CIMG (Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana) – An institute in Ghana that awards the prestigious “Insurance Company of the Year” award, which GLICO Life Insurance has won twice.

Informal sector – A sector of the economy that is unstructured and not regulated, such as small businesses and self-employed individuals.

Corporate governance – A system of rules, practices, and processes by which a company is directed and controlled.

Corporate responsibility – The ethical and responsible behavior that a company should exhibit towards its stakeholders, including policyholders, employees, shareholders, government, and society.

Dr. Kwame O. Darko – The Chairman of the Board of Directors of GLICO General Insurance.

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