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Service profile of
Meliqui Publishers And Media Consult
P. O. Box CE 11291
Tema – Ghana.
Executive Director
Isaac M. Quist
(1) Diploma in Journalism and Short Story Writing.
School of Journalism, Firilsham, Hermitage, England.
(2) Diploma in Communications Electronics
GTE Sylvania Technical School
Waltham, Mass, USA.
(3) Diploma in Basic Industrial Engineering
Management Development and Productivity Institute
Accra, Ghana.
(4) Certificate in Work Study
Institute of Management Service
(5) Diploma in Script Writing
Scriptnet (A Ghana – UK Coalition)
(6) Diploma in Film Acting
Academy of Film Acting
Accra – Ghana.
Answer the following questions to avoid delays.
(1) Do you want to commission articles?
(2) Do you want to commission photographs?
(3) Do you want to conference management service or organiser?
(4) Do you want a tourist prompter?
(5) Do you want the service of a communications specialist?
(6) Do you want to invite a versatile public speaker or lecture on a speaking tour abroad?
(7) Do you want public relations writing services?
(8) Do you want film script writing services?
(9) Do you want to access publishing services?
(10) Do you want a trainer in improving your interpersonal skills?
(11) Do you want to support a writer’s charity?
(12) Do you want help in ordering your seminar or conference presentation?
(13) Do you want an advisor or helper with fundraising for your charity?
(14) Do you want the help of a publicist to change perceptions about you or your company?
If the answer to any of the above is “Yes” then browse on
Our contact addresses: Isaac M. Quist
1. Meliqui Publishers and Media Consult
P. O. Box CE 11291, Tema – Ghana
2. Isaac M. Quist
Tourism Today, P. O. Box CT 5634,
Cantonments, Accra – Ghana
Tel: 233 – 21 – 783 059
Call Isaac Quist on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 09 hrs GMT to 17 hrs GMT
On any other day leave message and address (postal, e-mail or fax) for us to reach you.
Isaac M. Quist
P. O. Box CE 11291
Tema – Ghana.
Born: Thursday, June 2, 1949.
Company’s name: Meliqui Publishers and Media Consult.
(A) Occupational background and Experience
(1) Journalist and Publicity Consult
(2) Poet, playwright, film scriptwriter, film actor, photographer, short story writer, feature article writer, radio broadcaster
(3) Fundraising Consultant
(3) Special Events Consultant
(4) Conference Management Specialist
(5) Communications Specialist (entertainment – education strategist)
(6) Social critic cum public speaker
(7) Arts critic and
(8) Composer
Services offered:
Publicity consultancy – assist clients in writing
(1) News releases
(2) Press Coverage of events
(3) Publication of feature article in which your company’s interest is chipped – in.
(4) Image promotion (changing public perception of company or its management)
(5) Branding and positioning of company with a view to target marketing
(6) Crisis management consultancy
(7) Grooming managers to appear in public either in public speaking or meeting pressmen or before cameras
(8) Writing speech for directors and public personages
(9) The arts in the Ghanaian Public Media
– Mass Media
– Performing arts theatrical media
– Visual arts and advertising media
(B) Public speaking and lectures on special topics
(1) Popular Culture in Ghana and West Africa
(i) Highlife
(ii) Concert Party (a popular drama of music, dance and drama – a neo – traditional popular theathre.
(iii) Afro – Rock
(iv) Burger Highlife
(v) Afro – Beat
(vi) Highlife Jazz
(vii) Ga “Cultural” music
(viii) Hiplife ( a Ghanaian version of hiphop
(ix) Gospel music – Ghana’s version
(x) Borborbor
(xi) Popular (street) literature (pamphleteers) in Ghana.
(xii) Children’s literature in Ghana
(xiii) Publishing industry in Ghana
(xiv) Printing industry in Ghana
(xv) Newspaper publishing in Ghana
(xvi) Journalism in Ghana – Freedom of the Press, Pluralism and Politics of Ghanaian Press
(xvii) Choral music in Ghana
(xviii) Art music in Ghana (African Pianism and Orchestral composition in Ghana)
(xix) Radio Broadcasting in Ghana
(xx) TV Broadcasting in Ghana
(xxi) Film industry in Ghana
(xxii) Video Feature Film Industry in Ghana since the ‘80s
(xxiii) Videography in Ghana (e.g. coverage of rites of passage, parties, etc.)
(xxiv) Music ministry in Ghana
(xxv) Music, dance and drama in the modern context in Ghana
(xxvi) Guitar band music in Ghana – as a component of highlife music
(xxvii) Pentecostal church music in Ghana (distinct from gospel music in Ghana
(xxviii) The Ghanaian “mask” – a Ghanaian handicraft
(xxix) Handicrafts in Ghana – new trends, marketable in handicrafts
(xxx) Sculpture in Ghana
(xxxi) Paintings in Ghana – decorative art
(xxxii) Photography in Ghana
(xxxiii) Advertising in Ghana
(xxxiv) Music reprographic industry in Ghana
(xxxv) Publicity and promotion industry in Ghana
(xxxvi) Profiles in marketing in Ghana
(xxxvii) Celebrity in Ghana
(xxxviii) Film Acting in Ghana
(xxxix) Obtaining research data in Ghana
(xl) Tourism in Ghana
(xli) Ecotourism in Ghana
(xlii) Travel PR in Ghana
(xliii) Obtaining travel information in Ghana
(xliv) Information on Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Ghana
(xlv) Forts, Castles and Museums in Ghana
(xlvi) Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industry in Ghana
(xlvii) Hospitality industry in Ghana
(xlviii) Music tourism in Ghana
(xlix) Film promotion in Ghana
(l) Music promotion in Ghana
(li) Promotion of the arts (in general) in Ghana
(lii) Cultural news reporting in Ghana
(liii) Human Interest stories in Ghanaian media coverage
(liv) The in-house and newsletters publications of companies in Ghana
(lv) Company Annual Reports in Ghana
(lvi) Profile write-ups in Ghanaian newspapers
(lvii) Column writing in Ghanaian newspapers
(lviii) Protest music in Ghana
(lix) Reggae music in Ghana
(lx) Influence of music of African. Diaspora in the New World on Ghana
(lxi) Influence of Ghanaian traditional music on the music of the African. Diaspora in the New World
(lxii) Brass Band music in Ghana – an indegenisd foreign input to Ghanaian music
(lxiii) Foreign Popular music in Ghana – its influence on Ghanaian culture especially through its propagation by FM radio in Ghana
(lxiv) Cultural Dependency on Ghana on the West
(lxv) Media hypes and its influence on Ghanaian thinking and markets for foreign goods
(lxvi) Dictatorship of the Press and its influence on Ghanaian politics
(lxvii) Oramedia (the Village Square) as a mass media
(C) Communications
Consultancy and agency services offered:
(1) Publishing Services
(i) Typing
(ii) Editing
(iii) Typesetting
(iv) Printing services
(2) Publicity Services – handling of
(i) Newsletters of company
(ii) News release
(iii) News coverage of company activities (newspaper, TV and radio arrangements)
(iv) News conference
(v) Drawing up of general strategy of publicity for a personage or company in appropriate media as an alternative to advertising
(vi) Publication of feature articles in newspapers in which your company’s interest is chipped-in to enhance its good image and goodwill
(vii) Branding and repositioning of company with a view to enhanced marketing in targeted market.
(viii) Training in interpersonal communications techniques (public speaking, meeting the press or dealing with press interviews)
(ix) Speech writing for politicians and opinion leaders
(x) Marketing communications especially using artists and the arts.
(xi) Corporate video for good social responsibility and public goodwill
(xii) Business TV and video for good in-house communications e.g. training good networking of ICT terminals for higher productivity
(xiii) Conference management – subcontracting the entire organisation of the conference management or parts of the organisation e.g. venue selection and management, registration of delegates, banqueting travel and tours or after conference research on delegates views of the facilitation of the conference, etc.
(xiv) Special Events management (like conferences) e.g. marriage ceremonies, press conference, anniversaries, parties, etc.
(xv) Fundraising management for charities (benefit concerts, bazaars with games and gimmicks) use of celebrities to draw patronage, sponsorship by celebrities and opinion leaders who want some publicity by identifying with your cause, etc or in an advising capacity back of-the-house of your charity church, or foundation.
(xvi) Travel PRO
– travel writer
– travel photography
– homestay for foreign youth to stay with Ghanaian family from 4 days to 6 weeks as experiment in international living, research or study tour, or for capacity building with a school, charity or not-for-profit concern
– for a planned, guided cost-effective, tour of the country for maximum benefit and exposure in required, selected area using services of a tour guide either for a group or an individual on tour
(xvii) Clients can obtain photography services by commissioning:
– Advertising
– The arts
– Tourism
– Contract photographic story for instance, funerals in Ghana or indegenous market place in Ghana.
(xviii) Selection of appropriate mass media or publics for advertising, or information and education campaigns says, for HIV/AIDS, women’s empowerment, child abuse, drug addiction.
(xix) Communications techniques in Youth work
– talks
– lectures
– peer education
– vaudevilles
– music concerts
– games, the arts
– competitions
– clubs forming
(xx) Information and Education Techniques (Sensitization especially for non-literates) involving
(i) Entertainment – Education strategy
(ii) Theatre for Development
(iii) Concert Party
(xxi) The Arts As Portrayed in the Ghanaian Public Media
– Mass Media
– Performing arts theatrical media
– Visual arts and advertising media
(xxii) Written Literature in Ghana
– Fiction and Non – Fiction
(xxiii) New Trends in Ghanaian fiction
(xxiv) Oral Tradition in Ghanaian literature
(xxv) Ananse, the mischief maker and folkloric hero in Ghanaian oral literature
(xxvi) Praise – Singing as an Oral Artform in Ghanaian Court
(xxvii) Musical Instruments of Ghana
(xxviii) Storytelling in Ghana – a total experience of fiction, interactive drama and musical theatre
(xxix) Stand-up Comedian in Ghana – a dramatist, musician and dancer
(F) Trainer in Interpersonal Communications Techniques
(1) Public Speaking Techniques
(2) Report Writing Techniques
(3) Peer Education Techniques
(4) Fundraising Techniques
(5) Employee / Association Annual Report
(6) Seminar and Conference Presentations
(7) Proposals Writing
(G) Public Relations Writing
Services available to clients
– Flyers – Brochures
– Pamphlets – Advertising Copy
– Backgrounder – Media Kit
– News Letter – Proposals
– Programms for events – Order of service for marriage, funeral
– Employee/Association annual report
– The short story – Magazine writing (human interest stories)
(2) Training in journalistic writing technique
– The feature article
– The promo (ad copy)
– Arts criticism and reviewing
– Creative essays
– News reporting (investigative and interpretative reporting)
(3) Writings of social criticism
Human interest writing & trash
Favourite issues – Freedom!!!
– Inequalities
– Marginalization and empowerment
– Affirmative action
– Social responsibility and social desirability of behaviour of business as legitimate costs of doing business.
(4) Musical Services available
– Musical Composition and harmony
– Ghanaian choral music with or without piano accompaniment
– Ghanaian popular music with piano accompaniment
– Ghanaian musical comedy or operetta with piano accompaniment
– Polyrhythmic music in Ghana
– “Live” band services
– Info on music ministry in Ghana
– Info on gospel music in Ghana
– Info on highlife and popular culture on Ghana
(5) Special “Homestay” Tourism Services
Tourists wishing to visit Ghana on “homestay” basis, that is, stay with a Ghanaian family for a period lasting 4 days to 6 weeks to connect, experience Ghanaian way of life, family life, associate with a charity, voluntary work, conduct research, etc.
A small fee is charged for arranging these services. The tourist will pay a small stipend on accommodation and food which is far below hotel and guest house rates.
Tourist will pay his own travel and entertainment expenses (and that of a guide if she needs one) whilst she is in the country.
Arrangements can be made for internship with a charity, school or not-for-profit organisation if tourist wants to be associated with such an organisation during his stay.
(6) Do you want to support a writer’s charity?
The publishing industry in Ghana is in dire straights. And if you are a career writer especially a creative writer born to write, you will either give in to frustrations due to barriers against your goals, mission and unlikely to achieve any consolation of self-fulfillment.
I am a self-publisher who needs financial assistance to publish new works. Any considerate donation (however small as a window’s mite) from any quarter – philanthropic, or personal donation, not-for-profit organisation funding or any other and / of information leading to such sources of funding will be considered very valuable in advancing my cause in hug proportions.
WORKS ALREADY PUBLISHED (from writer’s meagre sources)
(1) Let Me Sing To My Beloved! A collection of 3 books
Book 1: The Creative Consciousness
Book 2: The life of Freedom
Book 3: The Costs of Love
(2) Kwame Nkrumah – An Undying Flame
(3) Lady Comes Home (a play staged at Easter, 2004), now ready for printing
WORKS typed, typesetted and ready for printing
(1) Lady Come Home (a play)
(2) The Frontier Man in Ghanaian Literature (fiction and non-fiction writings compilation)
(3) The Arts In The Ghanaian Public Media (Performing Arts) – a non-fiction
(4) Dr. Bois – A Public Intellectual (a tourist guide to his memorial centre in Accra)
(5) Who will Bell The Cat? (a children’s story)
(6) On The Human Interest (a literature theory)
(1) The Arts In The Ghanaian Public Media (Mass Communication)
(2) The Arts In The Ghanaian Public Media (Visual Arts)
(3) Chains – a poetry collection
(4) Communications Techniques in Youth work
(5) Social Costs: Legit Costs of Doing Business.
(1) Things (2) Wicked Hands
(3) Patent Remedy (The medicine show) (4) Heaven Help Us All
(5) Fantastic
I think, I have not lived my life in vain. I would rather be denying partners and patrons a share of my drams if these works are not published.

Postal Address:

P.o.Box CE11291,Tema, Ghana P.o.Box CT 5634,Cantoments,Accra, Ghana








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