Pesticides and fumigation are essential tools for farmers and businesses in Ghana to protect their crops and premises from pests and diseases. Choosing the right company to provide these services is crucial to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatments. Here are some of the top pesticide and fumigation companies in Ghana:


FIRST WORLD INSECT AND PEST CONTROL LTD we undertake fumigation and larvesiding to control pests and insects like mosquitoes termites ...
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Agromonti Pest control

Agromonti Pest controlWelcome to Agromonti Pest Control, home to the Ghana\'s favorite provider of pest and Hygiene Management solutions from ...
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Agrimat Limited

Agrimat LimitedBuying and Selling of Agriculture Machinery, Chemicals like pesticides, organic and inorganic fertilization, Seeds and several related products. The ...
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Semiramis Ventures ltd

Semiramis Ventures ltdPest control and management services

Postal Address: p.o box gp 4281 accraContact: 233 024 2068559E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX1+uGfl1vrwpC+fE7TDWWGmTgTUJ6D4FroNjLe8b9/lqFr+k4kCRV78dLocation:Adenta WestRegion:Greater AccraWebsite:none ...
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Selos Dasel Ventures

Selos Dasel VenturesWe are a duly registered entity specialized in the fumigation and spraying of homes, schools, warehouses, hotels, banks, ...
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Pest Control

Pest ControlInformation ServicesPostal Address: Utilities Beauty AccessoriesContact: NewspapersE-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX1/vrGHcEGQlVCccMXDYpvRo8d9DOApt46lK1CMU9c+fZ786cctxxb1PLocation:Building Materials SuppliersRegion:Business ConsultantsWebsite:Cleaning Services ...
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one sourse plans limited

one sourse plans limitedDry Cleaners,laundry,fumigation (pest control),Waste management, Painting,Sales of Cleaning Equipments and Chemicals.

Postal Address: p.o. box bt 216, tema.Contact: ...
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Rhodespark Investments

Rhodespark Investmentswe undertake fumigation and larvesiding to control pests and insects like mosquitoes termites mice etc for homes hotels restaurants ...
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Ehrlrch Odourless Pest Control Services

Ehrlrch Odourless Pest Control ServicesFumigation, Pest Controlling, Cleaning, Etc

Postal Address: P.O.Box: AN7265, AccraContact: +233 208 120882 / +233 548 933888E-mail: ...
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DE\'OT BUSINESS SERVICESDe\'ot Business Services is registered with the Registrar General\'s Department to provide these services and more. ACCOUNTING & ...
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Gulf Atlantic Services Limited

Gulf Atlantic Services LimitedThe core objective of the company is to provide sound and scientific pest management and control services ...
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Samson Pest Control Ltd.

Samson Pest Control Ltd.We Provide a Range of Pest Inspection & Pest Control Services including General Inspection Reports - Pre-Purchase ...
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Brix Landscape and Exterior

Brix Landscape and ExteriorBrix Landscape and Exterior handles landscaping design and construction, lawn maintenance, garden rejuvenation, exterior remodeling and pest ...
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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Other Media Related Links Postal Address: Primary Schools Travel Agencies Contact: Mutual Fund & Unit Trust Company E-mail: ...
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EPIC SERVICESPest Control and Space fumigation experts.

Postal Address: OS 1519 Accra Comuunity 18, TemaContact: 0232198019E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX18BULt1XaWuAbfM2UttFXxX0xYctO7+0pBzAPYzZj1Kv6r+y7fz5iNFLocation:TemaRegion:Greater AccraWebsite:none ...
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Dune Concierge Service

Dune Concierge ServiceDUNE CONCIERGE SERVICE Dune Concierge Service provides a wide range of services/errands for our customers. We have two ...
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Dizengoff (Gh) Ltd.

Dizengoff (Gh) Ltd. Dizengoff Ghana ltd., a subsidiary of Balton CP Ltd. of Watford England has been operating in Ghana ...
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Harikrushna Macinetech Pvt. Ltd

Harikrushna Macinetech Pvt. LtdWe take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as ONE OF THE LEADING MANUFACTURER-EXPORTER of Primary Packaging and ...
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Filklin Fumigation and Cleaning Services

Filklin Fumigation and Cleaning ServicesWe provide the highest standard of effective, professional, and environment-friendly pest control at a cost effective ...
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AAA MARANATHA IT SOLUTIONS AFRICA (MISA)We provide the Most Cheapest Price Super Fast Broadband Internet which covers the whole of ...
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1 PestControl Ghana

1 PestControl GhanaPest Control, Fumigation and General Environmental Quality Management

Postal Address: # 233/12, Dar El Salam Close, Teshie-Nungua Estates P ...
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Advance Sentry Pest Control Services

Advance Sentry Pest Control ServicesAdvance Sentry Pest Control Services: We provide expert services in the control of all forms of ...
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JA Biney& Co Ltd

JA Biney& Co Ltd J.A Biney & Co. Ltd is a manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor and Wholesale company in disinfectants ...
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Primaclean Company Limited

Primaclean Company LimitedFacility Maintenance. Pest control management.

Postal Address: 1230 Shuino Road Awudome EstatesContact: 0244784216 / 0276833565E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX18e+wt3f64XEIp72ey9Jp1pOaDmHqHTzNA5tHT5dVQX2pzqM2Fvm1caLocation:Region:Greater AccraWebsite:none ...
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Pesticide Use and Misuse in Ghana: A Threat to Food Safety and Human Health

Pesticides are widely used in agriculture to protect crops from pests and diseases. However, their use can also have negative impacts on human health and the environment if not properly regulated and managed. 

A survey of 60 farms in the Greater Accra and Upper East Regions of Ghana revealed that chemical control was the sole method used by farmers to manage insect pests, with synthetic insecticides being the most commonly used pesticides. 

The most devastating insect pests reported by farmers were aphids, whiteflies, diamondback moths, and grasshoppers, while tomato, okra, cabbage, and garden eggs were the crops most affected by whiteflies. 

The frequency of insecticide application was high, with most farmers applying them weekly or less. While 25% of farmers exceeded the recommended dose, most lacked safety equipment, with some improvising using brooms to apply the insecticides. Farmers changed insecticides mainly due to their availability on the market rather than their perceived ineffectiveness or cost. 

The storage and disposal of insecticides by farmers were also risky and could potentially harm human health and the environment. This study highlights the need for regular monitoring of insecticide usage patterns to ensure food safety, protect human and environmental health, and prevent or detect resistance at the initial stages.

Pesticide Use in Ghana

The use of pesticides in agriculture in Ghana has contributed to reduced crop loss (Clarke et al. 1997). The importation and use of pesticides, including both the number of chemicals and quantities registered and recorded by the competent authorities and regulators, such as the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Ghana, Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), has increased over the years (Ministry of Food and Agriculture 2011).

This increase can be attributed to the expansion of cultivation areas for food and cash crops in an effort to meet the growing demand for food (Ministry of Food and Agriculture 2003). It can also be linked to the liberalization of the economy and the government’s aim of achieving a middle-income economy as outlined in the country’s Vision 2020 agenda. Additionally, the regulation and registration of pesticides have led to a new economic boom, resulting in an increase in the registration of pesticide products for use in Ghana.

Pesticide Misuse and Its Consequences

However, the use of pesticides has not been without negative impacts on those involved in the food supply chain, including farmers, traders, and consumers. Poor knowledge of farmers about the types of pesticides, their use, and associated risks, as well as ineffective enforcement of pesticide regulations by the government and strong incentives for pesticide traders and users to make profits, have led to an increased use of cheap, mislabeled, and adulterated pesticides in Ghana (Northern Presbyterian Agricultural Services and Partners, 2012; GNA 2012).

Reports of overuse and misuse on crops have been documented, leading to negative effects on productivity, the environment, and human health (Gerken et al. 2001; Amoako et al. 2012; Dinham 2003). Williamson et al. (2008) identified chlorpyrifos, endosulfan, and lambda cyhalothrin as being associated with instances of ill health among