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Alvar Aalto quotes on Architecture

Alvar Aalto quotes on Architecture

Building art is a synthesis of life in materialised form. We should try to bring in under the same hat not a splintered way of thinking but all in harmony together.

By: Alvar Aalto

Imagine a world where every structure, every edifice, and every space we inhabit is not just a random assembly of bricks, glass, and steel, but a harmonious blend of life’s elements, a symphony in concrete, a poem in plaster. This is the essence of what the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto meant when he said, “Building art is a synthesis of life in materialised form. We should try to bring in under the same hat not a splintered way of thinking but all in harmony together.” Aalto’s vision for architecture is a metaphor for life itself, urging us to create a unified, purposeful existence out of the disparate parts of our daily experiences.

Life as a Masterpiece

Just as a building is meticulously designed, from the foundation to the rooftop, our lives are constructed from the ground up through our choices, actions, and experiences. Each brick in the edifice of our existence represents a decision we make, a relationship we nurture, or a challenge we overcome. The beauty of this process is that we are both the architects and the inhabitants of our lives. We have the power to design a life that resonates with our deepest values and aspirations, ensuring that every element works in harmony to support the whole.

The Harmony of Elements

In architecture, harmony is achieved when the design, materials, and function of a building align to create a sense of completeness. In life, harmony is the balance between our personal and professional lives, our physical health and mental well-being, our individual goals and our relationships with others. It’s about integrating these elements in a way that they complement and enhance each other, rather than compete and conflict.

  • Design: Just as an architect envisions a building’s design before the first stone is laid, we must envision our life’s design. What are your core values? What is your purpose? What kind of life do you want to build?
  • Materials: The resources we have at our disposal—time, energy, knowledge—are like the materials used to construct a building. How will you use these precious materials? Will you invest them wisely to create something lasting and beautiful?
  • Function: Every building serves a purpose, and so does every aspect of our lives. Are your daily activities aligned with your life’s purpose? Do they serve the function you intend them to?

Building a Life of Purpose

To build a life of purpose, we must start with a solid foundation. This foundation is built on self-awareness and understanding of our intrinsic motivations. What drives you? What are you passionate about? Identifying these core motivators is like laying the groundwork for a structure that will stand the test of time.

Once the foundation is set, we begin to add layers—education, skills, relationships, and experiences. Each layer adds strength and stability to our life’s structure. But it’s not enough to add layers haphazardly; they must be added with intention and care, ensuring that they contribute to the overall harmony of our life.

Overcoming Challenges

Just as a building faces the forces of nature—wind, rain, and earthquakes—our lives are subjected to challenges and setbacks. These are the moments that test the integrity of our life’s structure. How we respond to these challenges, whether we crumble or stand firm, depends on the quality of our construction. Have we built our lives with resilience in mind? Have we created a flexible framework that can adapt to change?

When faced with adversity, it’s essential to remember that every challenge is an opportunity to reinforce our structure, to add another layer of strength. We can choose to learn from our experiences, to grow and to improve. This is how we turn obstacles into stepping stones, building higher and reaching further.

Creating Your Own Synthesis

Alvar Aalto’s philosophy can be applied to every aspect of life. It’s about creating a synthesis, a cohesive whole, from the many parts of our existence. It’s about living intentionally, with purpose and harmony. So, how do we begin to create this synthesis?

  1. Reflect: Take the time to reflect on your life. What are the core elements that define you? What is working well, and what needs improvement?
  2. Plan: Develop a blueprint for your life. Set goals that align with your values and purpose. Make a plan to achieve these goals, step by step.
  3. Act: Put your plan into action. Use your resources wisely, build strong relationships, and be prepared to adapt as necessary.
  4. Review: Periodically review your life’s structure. Are you on track? Do the elements of your life still work in harmony? Make adjustments as needed.

By following these steps, you can begin to build a life that is not only successful but also fulfilling and harmonious. A life that, like a well-designed building, stands as a testament to the synthesis of your efforts, dreams, and values.

Embracing the Journey

Remember, the process of building a life, just like the process of creating a building, is a journey. There will be moments of doubt and frustration, but there will also be moments of triumph and joy. Embrace each step of the journey, knowing that with each challenge you overcome and each success you achieve, you are adding to the masterpiece that is your life.

Alvar Aalto’s vision for architecture as a synthesis of life in materialized form is a powerful metaphor for the art of living. By striving to bring all aspects of our lives into harmony, we can create something truly beautiful and enduring. So, take up the challenge to think not in a splintered way, but with all elements of your life working together in harmony. Build your life like a work of art, and let it be a synthesis of your very essence.

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