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Practical Facebook Marketing Strategy to sell Fast (2022)

Facebook is one of the best and cheap platforms to sell products online and make returns within days. However, most people find it difficult and mostly, spend money without enough sales, spending more than they get. This article is written to help you sell the right product to the right audience with the right technique and make enough returns within 28 days.

Facebook Marketing Strategic Steps


This is a fast and more effective example tutorial of facebook digital marketing. It focuses on sharp and swift moves to reach a simple goal: Sell certain number of products on Facebook to a preferred niche market. I have estimated at least 3 hours to set everything up. I have also estimated an advertising budget of $200 for a start. To make this strategy work, at least 14 days of engagement boosted post should be published to make crazy buying progress.

Firstly, in digital marketing, you need to find the right online platform to sell your product or services. Most of the time, certain products do well on certain platforms. For example, selling properties or houses with the Google Ad platform might be more effective than on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. And also selling certain products might be favorable on Facebook or Instagram. This is normally because of the distinct persona and demographics attached to these platforms.

Facebook Marketing Strategic Plan

Advertising Time28 days
Experimental Budget$200
Potential Audience ReachOver 100,000
Advertising MediumProduct Banner Post
Advertising Goal 1Audience Engagement (1st 14 days) ($100)
Advertising Goal 2Custom Post Engagement (2nd 14 days) ($50)
Advertising Goal 3Look-alike Audience (2nd 14 days) ($50)
Location Target10 miles Radius from your business location.

Facebook Fastest Advertising Strategy

Since this is a strategic plan, the actual details and steps should be very much considered and practiced as stated. NOTE: When this strategy is followed up diligently, credible digital marketing conversions may be reached.

In this facebook’s fastest advertising strategy, we consider time, content, prospects, and budget. The time needed to kick-start this simple strategy is 3 hours.

The Advertising Medium

The content needed is a very catchy product banner, poster, or video. Most of the time, video works extremely well. The idea is to create a very short video of your product talking about it characteristics, why people should buy and other quality aspect of that product. You can also use a catchy image or product banner or poster.

Note: You can pay a graphic designer to come out with a nice product poster or you can use free and nice product templates in photoshop with the extension PSD to edit, change the product, change the message, and price. The following are some of my single picked out free templates on

I am now assuming you have gotten your attractive product banner or poster like the above. We are done with the medium to use or content part of the Facebook ad.

Creating the Facebook Post

Now what we do is to create a very simple post on Facebook describing the product with the above posters or banner as the featured images of the post. NOTE: You can create at least 5 banner posters from the same product or 5 similar products from your product categories. e.g: When you sell watches, you can select 5 different varieties of your watches and make different posters from or any other graphic designing resource you have.

facebook digital marketing stra
Create a POST on Facebook with your product images as gallery images.

Targeting: Finding the Facebook Advertising Prospects

The next thing is finding the prospects on Facebook: With Facebook prospects, since this is a strategy, and should be the fastest, I will tell you just one thing to avoid at an initial stage: Detailed Targeting. You should do your best to avoid facebook detailed targeting. WHY?

  1. Facebook’s detailed targeting cost per click (CPC) is normally high. As an initial Facebook advertising strategy, you should avoid it.
  2. Avoiding detailed targeting at the beginning of an ad saves money and lets you experiment to find organic or natural prospects interested in your products.
  3. You spend less but reach estimated prospects at 7000 daily and almost 100,000 people within 14 days.

Therefore, I am assuming you will avoid the detailed targeting and will reach potential raw prospects within 14 days. This blind ad shooting strategy is a cost-effective approach to reaching more people with less budget.

Facebook Ad Location Strategy

At this point, you have set up your product poster, you have set up your post with the product content, and have published and boosted the product to reach your no-detail targeted audience. There is one thing you have to do to make this Ad complete: LOCATION.


Your target location is very critical. The best location strategy is to use the Facebook location radius strategy. You should target people within a 10 miles radius of your current business location which will be still equal to the total amount spent daily at a calculation of 100,000 audiences within 14 days.

And while you adjust the radius slider, make sure you keep your eye on the $100 budget for 14 days out of the whole 28 days.

So at this point you have chosen your 10 mile radius from your business location and the 14 day budget is still $100.

The first 14 days Advertising Goal Strategy

This is some advice: During the first 14 days of your ad, make your Facebook advertising Goal or CALL TO ACTION Post Engagement. Just Audience Reach. Don’t do link click, don’t do WhatsApp number call, and don’t do any other. Just select Audience Engagement Reach.

advertising goal strategy

What you are looking for is the kind of audience who will spend much time on the post, reading, reacting, commenting, or even clicking the images. These audiences are your Post Engagements. The idea is to use the blind targeting technique to reach about 100,000 audiences and get at least 10% Facebook Post Engagements. All that we are doing is throwing the ad out there and waiting for the most interested and highly engaged audience for future retargeting.

After the first 14 day Trial

Based on the $100 budget, you should get enough engagement and at least 100,000 audience reach. You should get comments, followers, likes, and reactions and should even make some sales. Technically, you are not supposed to make any sales since our goal was Engagement. Now what we do is access the audience engagement and use it as leverage for our next 14-day strategy.

Creating the Engagement Custom Audience

I am assuming we have at least 8000 engagements from the boosted post. The next thing to do is to create a custom audience from the post engagement which is normally called Facebook Engagement Custom Audience. The following shows how to create the Engagement Custom Audience.

  1. Go to your Audiences.
  2. Click the Create Audience dropdown and choose Custom Audience.
  3. Note: If you’ve never created an audience of any kind before, you’ll see a Create a Custom Audiences button, not a dropdown. Everything else will be the same.
  4. Click Facebook Page.
  5. Set a rules section (Note: This rule section can be very detailed. However, what we looking for is just the people who engaged in our post.
  6. Give your audience a name (and description, if desired)
  7. Click Create Audience.

You can watch the following video to know more:

We create custom audiences and name them as a specific audience. I am assuming we created a custom engagement audience called: Watch Product Engagement Audience if we are selling watches.

I am also assuming that this audience has a total number of at least 5000. The next step is to create our final facebook ad to target this custom audience we have named: Watch Product Engagement Audience.

Creating our Final Facebook Product Ad

This part is the most important one. This part is when we now create an ad to target our custom audience deduced from our first 14 days trial. The idea is to create an ad with another design created from freepik or any graphic designer and start the ad.

The 10% off Campaign Strategy

Now, to make our ad more engaged, appealing, and interesting and to increase the conversion rate, we should come out with a campaign strategy. Most of the time, Price reduction of your product for a limited time normally works. So am assuming, we have selected about 5 watch products and have made a 10% reduction within the next 7 days. This is the campaign strategy and will be created to target only the engaged customers to take action within the next 7 days.


Out of our remaining $100 budget. We post this ad to the engaged custom post audience and set the ad for the next 14 days for a budget of $50. Normally, this is the step where you make the Facebook advertising goal a link to the purchased page of your product website or to a WhatsApp number chat to continue the sales if it pays on delivery as normally done in Ghana.

The Look-alike Audience Leverage

Last but not the least of our journey is to create a duplicate of the above Ad, again. This time, we change the audience part to Look-alike audience. The look-alike audience is one of the best strategy which takes the people interested in our product or our custom engagements and gets us similar audience from facebook also interested in our product. Facebook, uses Artificial intelligence techniques with some internet of thing parameters to get you conversion. Watch the following video to setup a look-alike audience from your engagement.

I hope you enjoyed this strategy and will take your time to practice and experiment to find other potential working ways. Kindly comment on what you find out using these strategies. Thanks and kindly subscribe to

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