Asante’s Technology & Solutions B.V.

…..Who are we?
Asante’s is a young innovative competitive company, situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.. The company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam since the 14th of February 2000.
Our History…..
The company started as a one man company (Asante’s) in 2003. After having build up a strong, stable and reliable relationship/partnership with our manufacturers during the last few years Asante’s Holding B.V. and Asante’s Technology & Slutions B.V.(Asante’s) are registered at the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam since February 2005. We have work with our manufacturers to develop state-of-the-art top-quality own branded products using cutting edge high-tech solutions. Now we are ready to launch our freshly branded products on the consumer market.
Asante’s want to be in every part of the ICT world. After having studied the European, African and American consumer electronic market for a while, we have decided to roll out our production line and other hardware products. This market has stayed stable over the years. We work with a few big and reliable manufacturers/partners who supports our ideas and the way we work, which allows us to deliver affordable, reliable state-of-the-art top quality high-tech own branded consumer electronics.
Next to the consumer electronics we set up our Software Solutions Department that takes care of other areas in the ICT. Our Solution Team consists of highly skilled professionals in their fields, which makes our team strong and powerful to assist our customers, clients and partners in running their businesses more successful using our cutting edge solutions.
We want to be the single point of “entrance” for our customers, clients and partners , when it comes to ICT solutions and services.
Like any other healthy business we want to be an added value to the community and enhance profits. To do so we will sell affordable, very reliable/stable, top quality consumer electronics in Europe, America, Far and Middle East and Africa. We can offer our business and private clients state-of-the-art consumer electronic products, for a very competing attractive price.
Next to that our supreme services and support that comes alone with our products in combination with the user and nature friendliness of our products and of course our team members will make it very interesting for both private and business users to use our products. Doing so we hope to gain big popularity among business and private users. And this will be finally our key success factor.
…..Doing business in a different way
We have been looking at and working in different companies during our university studies. We realize that every company does business in a different, yet still in a formal way. We want to do this differently, we noticed that our former employers some how didn’t seem to be as they presented themselves. For example when they received a client they started to use complicated sentences, changing their voices, acting like they are perfect. But be real, be yourself. If you are not yourself, we cannot do business with you.
We want to do business with our partners in a very relaxed non-formal, but yet professional way. We want to be friends with our partners, and not just partners. Like this we want to create a business atmosphere where everybody participating feels respected, trusted, free and relaxed.
Why Asante’s?…..
Asante’s goes with the speed at which computer technology moves. According to the Law of Moore, the performance of computer parts, accessory and notebooks doubles approximately every 18-24 months. It is our commitment to keep following the movement of technology, so that we’ll always be bringing you the latest and greatest parts, accessories, notebooks and other state-of-the-art top quality consumer electronics!
These days, it seems everyone wants your money, which means “buy my product and give me my / your money now and maybe see you again!”. We at Asante’s want to do it different, we want to do business with you on a long term basis. To achieve this we will offer you the best products at competitive prices and provide you outstanding services over and over again.
Here beneath we have a few points for you why you should do business with us:
Good and long-standing relationships with our manufacturers: Our good and long-standing relationships with major manufacturers means top product assortments, better prices, better availability, and exclusive promotions for Asante’s customers.
Low prices guaranteed: Through strategic relationships, the expertise of Asante’s, our simple concept of buying and selling, and exceptional promotions gives Asante’s the opportunity to offer you the best prices anywhere.
We deliver direct from our manufacturers: Unlike many online retailers, Asante’s deals direct with the manufacturers. That means you can be sure you always have the newest, latest and most fresh product by ordering with us.
Better product documentation: We work hard to provide the most accurate and detailed information possible for every product. This will give you information to make good buying decisions.
Extremely user friendly website: Asante’s has build their site to assist you through every step you make. We have received considerable praise from customers regarding the ease of navigating and ordering on our website. We have choosing the color combination to make you feel relax and cool you down, because our products and offer will make you hot!! We’re confident that you too, will find our website “easy to use and easy to love!”
Customer service: At Asante’s we continually strive to ensure that our customers receive a high level of service. We listen to your feedback and do what we can to tailor to your needs.
Buyer’s Guide: With the Buyer’s Guide we have sought to make our site accessible not only to the technically people under us, but also to individuals interested in buying for the first time. Even if you are experienced, our Buyer’s Guide is still a great resource.
Privacy: Asante’s site is securely build. We use encryption to secure and protect your privacy and personal information you provide us. We assure you your information will not be given to thirds.
Decades of experience: Asante’s founders are skilled in their fields. We have studied the computer and consumer electronics market for a while and doing so we have fully attuned to the constant ups and downs of the computer market. We have notice a few changes on the computer market and we have adjusted to it. their experience has been central to achieving our current position as a leading consumer electronic store.
Personal response: At our competitors you might have to wait for an automated e-mail reply or the return of a phone call, but we will always response to you personally and as fast as possible. You can contact us 24/7 by mail or SMS and you will get response in max three working days.
Highly Skilled Team: We work with R&D teams that consist of highly skilled professionals who strive to stay ahead of technology. They have the ability to see what will be a demand in a near future. Based on that we anticipate which lead to cutting edge solutions which are then implemented in our products. Even though our brand is brand new, we will penetrate the market soon with our innovative products
Integrity: This is a concept lost in most organizations. All of our vendors have to pass our integrity test. We have vendors in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, United Kingdom, and South Africa, and all of us would talk a customer out of buying a particular product, if needed. Why we do that?! Selling someone a product that doesn’t meet their needs or solve their problems deliberately is just not honest, and so not our style. We look at our business from a different angle. We think by servicing you as our customer fair, honest and with respect we can build a long lasting relationship, which will makes you feel free and relax to do business with us again and again. Doing so we are sure you will come back to us on long term basis.
Giving back: Asante’s is a small business, with many advisors. Asante’s is able to provide a great deal of good at no charge. For example when you purchase Asante’s notebooks, you are entitled to join one of our Schooling and Trainings programs for computer usage for free. Further our plan is to give donations from time to time and other resources to non-profit organizations who tries to make the world a better place for us to live.
OK, that’s a lot of good reasons to start doing business with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today, we are expecting your first contact….we will let you experience a different way but yet still familiar way of doing business.
…..Your Best Partner For Consumer Electronics…..
…..We are ready for you, are you ready for us?…..
…..Our Products
Asante’s Technology & Slutions B.V. delivers a full range of consumer electronics, that will satisfy every users needs and wishes. Our product assortments ranges from INNOVATIVE gadgets – to top quality notebooks. We strive to go with the speed of technology when designing and developing our products. From LCD – to state-of-the-art LCD TV’s and more. We will give a short summary of each.
Asante’s has three lines of computers. We deliver Mini PC, PC, and notebooks/ tablet PC. Asante’s has three (3) notebook series under which we deliver the our notebooks.
First (1st) notebook series is our CUPIDO series. These are our state-of-the-art unique and light weight notebooks with a LCD TFT screen size max 12” with Pentium mobile CPU.
The second (2nd) series is our VELOCITY series. This series is equipped with the newest energy saving mobile processors on today’s market. Screen size ranges from 14” and up. The third (3rd) series called NATOR is our most powerful desktop replacement notebook. Screen size ranges from 15” and up.
Our computer ranges are assembled using top quality stable parts and are made to target any market group, for any use, any where , any place and any time.
Monitors en LCD
Our monitors consists of high quality LCD’s, Plasma & LCD TV’s. The unique design of our monitors and TV is a pleasure to look at and is design to fit into any interior.
Audio & Video
In the audio and video category we deliver state-of-the-art high tech and innovative products like Plasma and LCD TVs, Multimedia , MP4 and MP3 Players, Audio and Video cables. The unique design of our products is a pleasure to look at and is design to fit into almost any environment and any interior.
Our network products consists of top quality innovative items like wireless and non wireless devices. Our focus is to deliver mainly portable wireless device modules i.e. WiFi SD Card, Bluetooth dongle, GRPS modules and GPS modules.
Asante’s USB storage device lets u enjoy from the maximum flexibility of your information usage. We deliver USB memory stick in all capacities, external HDD, and the usual hardware storage devices(internal).
As you can see Asante’s Technology & Slutions B.V. can deliver almost (if not ) all of your consumer electronic products at competitive price….. That is why our slogan…
…..Your Best Partner For Consumer Electronics…..
…..We are ready for you, are you ready for us?…..
Sales Agreement…..
Asante’s has a simple and straight forward sales agreement concept for business partner. Since we see each Business Partner as unique and with their own goals and focuses Asante’s always draft the sales agreement together with the Business Partners. With our “feel free and relax concept” we strive to reach the maximum satisfaction for both parties. Doing it this way Asante’s think she can build up a good and long standing relationship with her Business Partners. Please contact us more information n this topic and hopefully we can start working together in a near future.
…..Services & Warranty Agreement
Asante’s has a simple and straight forward service and warranty agreement concept for Business Partners. All our products are tested and have passed all legal tests needed. But a product can always have some failures some reason. In this case Asante’s will be glad to support and assist to fix the failure.
Depending on the agreement with our Business partner Asante’s can offer special service & warranty agreement.
But on all products applies that they have at least:
one (1) year warranty by default. Upgradeable to 5 years (support en services) on some products against extra fee.
Other think we do is one-on-one (1-on-1) swap on defective products.
Another procedure we follow is that we offer our Business Partner some free training program on our products and services and or we provide an amount (%)of extra products of the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), which our Business Partners orders. Like this our Business Partners can serve the end user to the max and doing so we can gain more popularity by our users.
We provide a 2nd line support for our Business Partners
24/7 online support.
For the full agreement please contact us today. We hope to start working with you soon.
Since we produce and deliver directly from our factory warehouse, we can offer you
the best and most competitive prices.
we can deliver to any place any where
average delivery time is max 3 weeks from order confirmation date for first order (just in time is possible the more we work closer and closer together)
RMA return max 3 weeks
One-on One swap with next order
Content can change with out prior notice. We are not liable for any mistype in this document. This document may not be copied or distributed without prior written approval of Asante’s Technology & Slutions B.V.

Postal Address:

Eeftink 100V Amsterdam





Amsterdam, Holland


Greater Accra


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