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Gye Nyame Plastic Chairs: We are Strong Plast Limited, the main producers and original manufacturers of the original Gye Nyame Plastic Chairs, Tables and Crates in Ghana. Our plastic chairs and tables range from small size, medium and large sizes. 

Whether you want to buy and resell or buy for social programmes like weddings, funerals, birthdays or any event, just give us a call and you will be referred to our main  company which is around coca- cola round about spintex.

The main price of the original Gye Nyame Plastic Chair ranges from Ghs 35 .00 to Ghs 45.00. Our plastic chairs have stood the test of time and many Ghanaians have regarded us as one of the top Quality producers of plastic chairs manufacturers in Ghana.

Gye Nyame plastic chairs, manufactured by Strong Plast Limited, have recently gained significant interest for their durability, versatility, and attractive design. These small to medium-sized chairs are perfect for a wide range of events, including weddings, funerals, birthdays, and outdoor gatherings.

If you are looking for a strong, unbreakable, durable and quality plastic chair for your business, distribution or any other project or event, then you should consider our product. For Wholesale prices of plastic chairs in Ghana, we have a special discount. Our main office is in KIA Accra. Our manufacturing office is at Spintex around coca cola. You can reach us at the following address or contact.

Postal Address:

P. O. Box 16053 KIA Accra



Coca Cola Area Spintex


Greater Accra



More about Strong Plastic Chairs:

  • We are the main distributors of plastic chairs in Ghana.
  • Our products have stood the test of time and have been distributed to millions of people in Ghana.
  • Our products use quality and state of the art plastic manufacturing techniques that make them last for a very long time as compared to other chairs.
  • Our prices are moderate.
  • We are the best choice for a wholesale price on plastic chair distribution.

The History of Gye Nyame Plastic Chairs:

Strong Plast Limited: Founded by Pat Thomas, Strong Plast Limited is a leading manufacturer of plastic chairs in Ghana.
The Birth of Gye Nyame Chairs: The Gye Nyame plastic chair line was recently introduced by Strong Plast Limited and has quickly become a popular choice for event organizers and individuals.

Features and Benefits of Gye Nyame Plastic Chairs:

Unbreakable and Durable: The chairs are made from a strong and solid plastic polymer powder, ensuring their resilience and longevity.
Weather-Resistant: These chairs are highly weather-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Warp-Resistant Stacking Chair: The design of Gye Nyame chairs allows for easy stacking, saving space during storage and transportation.

Stylish Design: The chairs feature an attractive and modern design that complements various event themes and decorations.
Versatile Sizes: Gye Nyame chairs come in different sizes, catering to the specific seating requirements of different events.

The Manufacturing Process:

Rotational Molding: Gye Nyame chairs are manufactured using a rotational molding technique, which involves melting plastic material in metal molds and rotating them to create the desired shape.
Injection Molding: Injection molding is also utilized in the production process to create specific parts of the chairs, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
Quality Control: Strong Plast Limited maintains strict quality control measures to ensure that each chair meets the highest standards of durability and aesthetics.
The Demand and Profitability of Gye Nyame Plastic Chairs:

High Demand: Gye Nyame chairs have gained popularity due to their quality, durability, and affordable pricing.
Business Distribution: Strong Plast Limited has established a wide distribution network to supply Gye Nyame chairs to various regions and customers.
Wholesale Prices and Special Discounts: The company offers competitive wholesale prices and special discounts for bulk orders, attracting event planners and businesses.
Coastal Areas and Beyond: Gye Nyame chairs are in high demand not only in urban areas but also in coastal regions and other parts of the country.

Customer Testimonials and Social Programs:

Positive Feedback: Customers have expressed satisfaction with the quality and comfort of Gye Nyame chairs, sharing their positive experiences.
Social Programs: Strong Plast Limited actively participates in social programs by supporting community initiatives and sponsoring events, fostering goodwill and customer loyalty. 


How are plastic chairs made?

Plastic chairs are made in a variety of ways. One way is using the Rotational molding with metal molds which are carved into the right design or desired shape with a plastic polymer powder.

This plastic polymer powder is then heated to the right melting point which turns the mold mechanically into a 3-dimensional shape.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is when a metal mold is used, but this time the outcome is not an empty space or hollow but filled with solid plastic. With this type of mold, there is not spin. Heat is applied to the polymers at the desired temperature rate. Then the heated plastic is poured into the mold and cooled.

Gas Assisted Injection Plastic Molding

Injection molding is done with the help of gas which is blown at a very high velocity inside the mold pushing the molten plastic out of certain parts of the mold to create channels in the plastic to achieve the desired mold.


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