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Top Borehole Drilling Companies in Ghana-(Accra, Kumasi, Tema, Sunyani and Tamale)



This article describes the best methods and guidelines of acquiring boreholes in Ghana. It shares light on the top borehole drilling companies in Ghana especially, Accra and Kumasi. This page also welcomes any business entity willing to list their business from other parts of Ghana like Takoradi, Cape coast, Tamale, and other parts of Ghana.

You will find information about boring methods, processes, and cost of owning a borehole at your home in Ghana. We will also estimate the cost of owning a borehole drilling business in Accra and other parts within the country.

Lastly, we will highlight some of the best quality water boring machines, treatments, installations, casing, maintenance, pump prices, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of water drilling against traditional wells.

Main Purpose of Drilling Boreholes.

  • Boring for Water and water abstraction.
  • Mineral Exploration and Surveys.
  • Exploration of Oil and Gas.
  • Monitoring.
water well drilling

Boreholes are narrow drilling holes in the ground, either vertically or horizontally to purposely provide clean water or liquid-like water, petroleum or gas. In Ghana, especially Accra, most borehole companies are entrepreneurs with equipments and machines, particularly, a heavy-duty mobile transport vehicle with an inbuilt boring machine attached. If you are looking for the list of the top borehole companies in Accra, check the list here.

The Top Borehole Drilling Companies in Ghana

With no particular order, the following companies were gathered online with the attribution of online visibility and quality content. (note: to list your company on this page, contact: +233542148020).

These entrepreneurs or companies roam from town to town providing affordable water for the Ghanaian community with prices ranging from 7000 Ghana cedis to as high as 12,000 or up to 15,000 Ghana cedis depending on the quality of service, difficulty in penetrating the land and the credibility or popularity of the company.

Top Borehole Companies in Accra

Water Detectors GhLocation: Accra Abosokia – Behind Candle Factory, Latebiokoshie Koo wulu Street.233 243 840 846
Able Water Solution and
No. 6 Dzani Kof Street Lapaz Accra+23330936266 +233209028612 +233243754892
Global Water Ghana LimitedAccra0578573567
Comero BoreHole Drilling Gh. LtdBox KN 3076 Adenta West0577031292
The Borehole Consultant P.O.BOX 1033 Abeka Lapaz0273931790
Ani Borehole Drilling ServicesMadina0206299003
JT Boreholes Company LimitedBox LG 629 Legon-Accra0248881577
Global Waters Ghana LimitedAccra0578573567
Watershed Technologies LimitedP. O. Box AT2009, Achimota 1st Floor, Room 1, opposite Total Filling Station, North Kaneshie0262717166 / 0244098 324 / 0276435641
H2O Engineering Company LtdP.O. Box CT11101, Cantonments+233246005022 / 277634763
Hydrolog Geoinformatics Ltd P O BOX GP 13525, Lartebiokorshie024 9826277/ 0274055216
Aqualord VenturesP.O. Box KT 437 Kotobabi0242-042285/ 0277-454715
AF Roster LtdP.o. BOX NW 92, Nsawam New Achimota0240218912
GeoReliance LtdP.O.Box MD 1287, Madina-Accra+233549972987, +233269102515
Axxess Filtration EngineeringP.O.Box AE 26 Atomic – Accra.024340902 / 0265952220

Companies in Tema

Contact us now at Tema
020 844 1669

Top Borehole Companies in Kumasi

Anehema Water Drilling Companylocated in Wadoma Royale Hotel Abuakwa-Manhyia the Sunyani Road, Kumasi Ghana+233(0)240181518
Mechanized Borehole on Credit (Kumasi)Contact us now and let us give you the best borehole service in Kumasi.0302903420.
Solar Borehole Drilling CompanyLocated in Kumasi0546077088

Borehole Companies in Sunyani

Franklin Baffoe Drilling Servicelocated in Sunyani – They deal in mechanized borehole
Cape Drilling Company Limited (Well Water Drilling Service in Sunyani)100 metres away from Pat Catering Services. Off New Dormaa-Odumase road. Sunyani. (191.60 mi)
024 430 9032
Krista Borehole Drilling Company Ltd
Sunyani, Nkawkaw, Takoradi, Aburi, Kasoa, Accra, Ghana

Companies in Tamale

ESRA,TamaleAlhaji Aliu Mahama street.
Samjones Drilling Company Ltd100 metres away from Pat Catering Services. Off New Dormaa-Odumase road. Sunyani. (191.60 mi)
0247671704 – 0242131276 – 0266672750
Rockdrill Consult
Yendi Tamale

Most engineers and environmental consultants use the phrase Borehole to describe all the various types of drilled holes.


Typically, most borehole drilling involves the digging of water wells by inserting vertical pipe which is termed as casing. Casing keeps the borehole from caving or expanding to bigger spaces or air spaces in the ground which can collapse the well.

To be able to get the right borehole for your purpose, make sure the engineer or the drilling manager has all the necessary equipment and is eligible with all resources.

How to find the best borehole drilling Companies in Ghana

Apart from the previous company list, there are numerous entrepreneurs and companies in every region of Ghana posing to be the best to give you quality service. The following is a guideline on the best way to find the best borehole drilling company in Ghana.

  • Search Online with the Keyword “Best Drilling Borehole Companies in Ghana” and make sure you browse through all the listed google related searches. Look for the companies that are closer to your location. You can also check out our listed directory of some of the top companies.
  • Seek for a well-registered borehole drilling company with authentic drilling license and groundwater development regulations from the water resources commission of Ghana (WRC). This license is very significant because companies who acquire them abide by the regulations of environmental sustainability and friendly processes and also ensures that water wells and drilling activities are appropriately coordinated and the data on the site is carefully and properly generated.
  • Ask Company or Entrepreneur to take you to their previous drilling installation site. Visit their previous works, taste the water and if necessary ask owners of the borehole about benefits, problems, and another cost. Make sure you don’t proceed with the company if there a red flags like water not pumping up well, no response during maintenance, or any other negative issues. Seek for the best because this is the water we are dealing with.
  • Compare prices from about 5-8 companies and also try to inspect their equipment so you will know whether they are really serious and eligible. The following are some of the things you should look out for: Drilling rigs – make sure their drilling rigs are very long enough to dig deep for clear water. Also, the machinery and techniques to advance a borehole vary considerably based on the manufacturer of their equipment and geological conditions like the strengths of the rocks. Make sure you seek advice from friends and colleagues about the best in your area.

Types of Wells

  • Dug Wells
  • Driven Wells
  • Drilled Wells or Boreholes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dug Wells and Boreholes

Dug Wells: This is digging in the ground with a spade, shovel, pickaxe, or any other manual digging tool. This is the oldest digging technique. One disadvantage is it is the most difficult or tiring. It also takes a lot of time to reach the depth where the water is especially on drylands. The best condition to dig when the soil is moist or not hard enough or stuffed with stones to make digging difficult. Dug wells are all that deep, mostly between 10 and 20 metres or sometimes up to 40 metres. The advantage is it cost less to dig.

Drilled Wells or Boreholes: Modern wells use the drilling method. This means the method of percussion is used where a tool in the soil or by using an action called rotary with a cutting tool, auger or drill bit to rotate or revolve around a vertical axis. This breaks the rocks or grinds them and pulled up to the surface by sludging.

Mostly, drilled wells can be dug up to 300 meters deep. The most techniques used are: Hand-auger drilling, Percussion drilling, Water injection, sludging, light motor-driven, rotary percussion drilling, and rotary drilling. The main disadvantage of drilled wells is the cost. Borehole cost and prices continue to rise up.

The Average Cost of borehole drilling in Ghana

The average cost of acquiring drilled wells in Ghana as of 2019 is from 7000 – 8000 Ghana cedis. Most part of Ghana might cost and some might cost more. It all depends on the geographical location and economic or demand of these companies and how scarce they might be. If the competition is more, the price might be reduced.

Advantages of Drilled Wells

  • Drilled wells or Boreholes are rich with minerals.
  • They are not most of the time filled with chemicals like tap water which is always mixed with chlorine.
  • Your property value increases or appreciates when you build one.
  • You will get abundance of water to even water your garden and make your house beautiful.

Borehole Drilling Methods, Best Practices, Processes and Techniques

The following might be a little bit technical, however, as a seeker, you might be interested to know the right land information and the right technique so you might ask questions when the wrong methods are used. Most of the time, drilling methods ranges from less heavy duty machines to super heavy duty and sophisticated equipment.

The following describes the type of soil formation and their right or suitable tools. Every formation of land must requires the appropriate tool and technique. The most common processes and methods are described below.

Drilling Process

  1. Site Survey: When you find a drilling company. The first step they will take is to survey your site or premises. This includes finding the most suitable location for drilling, and also to calculate how deep the hole should be based on land formation.
  2. Estimates: As said previously above, you must compare the estimates of 2 to 5 companies to find the best affordable but yet credible.
  3. Drilling: This is when the company schedule a date when the drilling will begin. The most important thing to do is to check your neighbours or community to get approval before you start to prevent any unwanted distractions.
  4. Sampling for Bacteria: This is the most important stage. It involves sending samples to the lab to assess your water so the right treatment can be used. This is where if you are ignorant or you only went in for an amateur who doesn’t know what they are doing, you might be getting water but might contain bacteria.
  5. Water Treatment & Pump: When the lab results are ready, then the correct borehole equipments like casing, pumping machines and others are used to make your household water easily accessible.

Drilling Techniques and their unique tools.

Type of Soil FormationCable DrillAugerRotary AirRotary MudHigh-Pressure Rotary air with down-hole hammer
Loose sand and gravelDifficult
– fair (if casing driven)
( With fuild control)
Loose coarse gravels and bouldersSuitable
(if casing driven)
– slow sometimes impossible
Loam and saltSuitableFairFairSuitableNot
Puggy shale and mudstoneFairSlowFairSuitableSlow
Limestone and dolomiteSlowNot
Limestone with small cracks or fissuresFair
– slow
Cavemous limestoneSlowNot
Weathered basaltsSlowDifficultSuitableSuitableSuitable
Thick layered basaltsNot
Schists and GniessNot

Drilling Methods.

Cable Drilling: Cable drilling is a method of drilling where an impact tool or drilling bit is suspended in the well or hole hanging from a steel cable. This cable is dropped recursively or beneath the soil in the hole to crush rocks and hard elements.

Auger Drilling: Auger Drilling is the process of using large or massive drill bit to make holes in deep soil with a rotation of the drill. The rotation of the drill bit causes the soil to be uprooted.

Rotary Air Drilling

Rotary air drilling method is used to make holes in hard compact or semi-hard soil formations like shales, sandstone. Uprooting of the sandstone or the hard rock formation is done with air compressor and fed down the drill pipe to be removed through a drilling bit.

This technique requires and advanced technician who knows the recommended up-hole annular velocity which is maintained to remove cuttings efficaciously.

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