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Bishop Obinim Celebrates Church Member’s ¢3 Billion Lottery Win

bishop obinim celebrate church victory

In an extraordinary twist of events, Bishop Daniel Obinim, the charismatic founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church (IGWC), found himself in the spotlight as he celebrated a remarkable lottery win by one of his church members. Known for his controversial actions and involvement in various scandals, the self-proclaimed ‘angel’ of God took center stage during a church service to express his sheer delight for the fortunate individual.

A video capturing the momentous occasion quickly spread across social media platforms, showcasing Bishop Obinim’s exuberant display of joy.

The footage depicted him rolling on the floor in sheer ecstasy after a member of his congregation shared the astounding news of winning a staggering ¢300,000 through the lottery. It appears that the Bishop has not only embraced his religious practices but has also taken a particular interest in promoting lotteries within his church community. During the Sunday service, he distributed lotto numbers to eager church members, and several individuals were called upon to testify about the positive impact of following his guidance in the realm of lotto staking.

As the testimonies unfolded and churchgoers revealed their impressive winnings, the atmosphere in the church became electric. The pinnacle of the celebration came when one member proudly announced a colossal ¢3 billion prize, sending waves of excitement through the congregation. Bishop Obinim’s elation was palpable as he rolled on the floor, surrounded by cheers and applause from his captivated followers.

The viral video depicting the jubilant scene has sparked widespread discussions and raised questions about Bishop Obinim’s conduct and practices. This particular incident has added another layer of intrigue to his already controversial reputation. Known for his unconventional church services and claims of performing extraordinary miracles, the Bishop’s involvement in promoting and celebrating lottery wins within his congregation has stirred curiosity and debate.

While some view the Bishop’s actions as a source of inspiration and encouragement, others express skepticism and concern regarding the blending of spiritual practices with the unpredictable nature of lotteries. As the discussions continue to unfold, both the congregation and the public at large remain captivated by the actions and teachings of this enigmatic religious figure, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

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