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Planning a Trip to Ghana from Washington DC? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ghana: A Country Full of Beauty and Hospitality Ghana is a stunning nation with a vibrant culture, lovely beaches, and an array of wildlife. It is renowned for providing great hospitality to tourists from throughout the world. Since President Akufo-Addo’s initiative to promote tourism in Ghana, several foreign and famous people including Prince Charles and […]

From Factory to Mall

The journey of a product, from the factories of southern China to the shelves of a bustling mall in the north, and the logistical challenges that must be overcome to make this happen. With a significant number of enterprises producing anything from electronics to textiles, China is nowadays referred to be the world’s industrial hub. […]

The Mall that Never Sleeps

A day in the life of a bustling China mall, where vendors work around the clock to keep up with demand and shoppers come at all hours to find the best deals. As the sun begins to rise, a flurry of activity can be seen inside the bustling China Mall. Vendors are already hard at […]

The Rise of the China Malls

A story that explores how the proliferation of China malls, with their affordable prices and vast product selection, have transformed shopping habits and local economies across the country. In recent years, China’s malls have become a ubiquitous part of the Chinese retail landscape. These sprawling complexes, filled with vendors selling everything from electronics to clothing […]

Top Plastic Companies & Distributors in Ghana

Top plastic bottles companies in Ghana. There are many manufacturing plastic companies in Ghana that are core container manufacturers and wholesale distributors of plastics, chairs, tables and other plastic products. This post shows some of the top plastic companies from Accra, Tema, Kumasi with distributors and other industrial areas in Ghana. Plastic products are manufactured […]

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