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East Legon: All you need to Know

Introduction to East Legon Looking to know a little bit about East Legon? Well, it’s definitely an interesting place. East Legon is an upscale neighborhood in Ghana, located in the Greater Accra Region. It’s situated just west of the airport, so it’s pretty convenient if you’re flying in. And if you’re looking for something a […]

Are Tattoos Good For Your Skin? The Pros and Cons of Getting Inked.

You’ve probably seen them before: people with intricate designs tattooed into their skin, proudly displaying their artwork for the world to see.  But have you ever wondered if getting a tattoo is actually good for your skin? Turns out, there are some pros and cons to consider before booking that appointment at the parlor.  On […]

Practical Facebook Marketing Strategy to sell Fast (2022)

Facebook is one of the best and cheap platforms to sell products online and make returns within days. However, most people find it difficult and mostly, spend money without enough sales, spending more than they get. This article is written to help you sell the right product to the right audience with the right technique […]

Top Best Banks in Ghana -The Ultimate 20 List)

The Top Best Banks in Ghana: There are about 32 private banks as of 2021 December in Ghana. The Bank of Ghana makes sure these banks are always up to their standards. Apart from giving you these top best banks in Ghana, you will also know other information like the the Minimum capital requirements, Fit and […]

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