Local materials have always been used to develop and create architecture in Ghana, from ancient thatch and mud roofs to modern glass structures and concrete. Ghana’s construction environment reflects its surroundings.

The basic materials accessible for construction, like as thatch for roofing and mud and wood for walls, drove traditional Ghanaian architecture. Modern architects strive to borrow some of its elements while planning and constructing buildings, but such structures are rare today.

Accra was designed by Ghanaian architects from David Wilberforce Kwame Dawson’s Institute of Architects. Architects create blueprints for new construction, renovations, and redevelopment projects. The following are some of the best architectural firms in Ghana.

Top Architectural Companies in Ghana


Constech.Architectural Firm.

Postal Address: P. O. Box OS 1984 Osu-Accra.Contact: 0302-778521E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX1/HdnCx9uwDqVzOixITVUO8V2fhqQV4AC0=Location:Region:Website:none ...
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Avork Group

Avork GroupArchitectural services, equipments, construction and realty.

Postal Address: P. O. Box KN.1493 Kaneshie, Accra Ameyi Chambers, opp. Okyehene Res. Adabraka.Contact: ...
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Dee-Ess Consultancy

Dee-Ess ConsultancyConsultancy services in Architectural, Building and Civil engineering

Postal Address: P.O.Box AC252, AccraContact: 0244245232 / 0277114965E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX1+CBw3lF/WehydSETW4X39Ktmycta8PHalU7CHXChfwD3NGt/sR54d2Location:New WeijaRegion:Greater AccraWebsite:none ...
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Architectural Firm

Architectural FirmMagazinePostal Address: Primary Schools ITContact: Building Materials SuppliersE-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX18yxz/K1+T2YibMOo7kI5OCnzGVzp8p+QMe1dcksm1806o5OfFWs1ZVLocation:Accounting FirmsRegion:Business ConsultantsWebsite:Computer Consultancy Firms ...
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Babs Archiotecture and Construction

Babs Archiotecture and Constructionconstruction and Architecture

Postal Address: P.O Boxk601, Kotobabi/AccraContact: 0244792689E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX19PvNXmL7wdk0H+BCIBt/AFnwimOLZjBFLY6mUuc5qwjBR6fgEJLPGALocation:Accra New TownRegion:Greater AccraWebsite:none ...
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Architects Regroup .

Architects Regroup .Architectural Firm.

Postal Address: P. O. Box AN.12919 Accra - NorthContact: 030 2-243141/2E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX1+L4Ka8j7GakQXG64hshk4gllsBE2Ob5HI=Location:Region:Website:none ...
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ADK Consortium

ADK ConsortiumServices: Project Management Civil/Structural Eng. Mech. & Elect. Eng. Architecture Quantity Surveying Valuation & Property Mgt Planning Oil and ...
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Architects Incorporated.

Architects Incorporated.Architectural Firm.

Postal Address: P. O. Box MP. 219 Mamprobi- AccraContact: 030 2301146/303138E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX19r9IjTxTbUmWIVoun3l4F9oxYFWkbuYbI=Location:Region:Website:none ...
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Avanti Consulting Architects.

Avanti Consulting Architects.Architectural Firm.

Postal Address: P. O. Box AN.11609 Accra - NorthContact: 030 2-221580E-mail: Send EnquiryU2FsdGVkX196E1CGfeLaIpFoen+NYjy1+6h780gx5iU=Location:Region:Website:none ...
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AutoCAD School

AutoCAD SchoolThis school is into training of draughtsmen, architects, and the like on the effective and efficient use of AutoCAD ...
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Axsys Engineering Ltd

Axsys Engineering LtdAxsys Engineering Ltd (Axsys) caters for all your Reprographic needs. Axsys provides drawing production solutions for the Architecture/Engineering/Construction ...
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Postal Address: ...
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Top Architectural FAQs

  • Is studying architecture hard? Architecture is more difficult than many other degrees since it requires creative and technical thinking while also covering a wide range of subjects such as art, science, history, geography, and philosophy. Architecture is also a very time-consuming course, with an average weekly commitment of 36.7 hours.
  • Does NASA hire architects? The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum has their work on display. As NASA and the private space industry compete to put people on Mars, architects and industrial designers are already planning where humans will live once they there.
  • Which field is best for architecture? Landscape Architect, Architectural Technologist, Architectural Designer, Preservation Architect, Green Building & Retrofit Architect, Commercial Architect, Industrial Architect, Architecture Manager.
  • Who owns the tallest building in Ghana? This trio of buildings, designed by Trasacco Estates Development Company, are a prominent part of Accra’s skyline and some of Ghana’s most luxury residential facilities. With 27 stories and a height of 93 meters, the Villagio Vistas Alto is now Ghana’s tallest residential building.
  • What do you need to study in Ghana to become an Architect? You must pursue a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) degree after completing your secondary education. Engineering and Architectural Design bachelor’s degree, Landscape Architecture Bachelor of Engineering, Architecture Technology and Construction Management BSc/BA, Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons).
  • Do Universities in Ghana offer Architecture? Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA). ATTC (Accra Technical Training Centre). Accra Institute of Technology. Central University and Bachelor of Architecture Highlights.
  • Who was the first female Architect? Louise Blanchard Bethune was the first woman to work as a professional architect in the United States. Bethune began her business in 1881, when she was 25 years old and moved to Buffalo with her husband.
  • Is Architecture a form of art? Architecture is a traditional kind of fine art that has always had a close connection to the art world. Creating a beautiful structure, beginning with the design process and continuing with the development and construction of structures or other buildings, is what we call architecture.
  • How do I name my architectural firm? Here Is What You Need To Consider When Naming Your Architectural Company
  1. The Traditional Business Names. …
  2. The Modern Catchy Names. …
  3. Consider The Architecture Type. …
  4. Brainstorm Name Ideas. …
  5. Avoid Some Words. …
  6. Keep It Short And Simple. …
  7. Check If Your Name Is Taken. …
  8. Ensure Its Availability As A Domain.