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Shabase Cream Review: Your Skin’s Ultimate Protective Product

shabase product

Welcome to the world of Shabase, the premium protective cream review manufactured  by Shahnaz Husain. If you are seeking a skincare product that not only provides ideal protection but also helps your skin feel renewed and rejuvenated, then this product is the answer. This article talks about the wonderful world of Shabase Products and explores how this specially formulated cream can work wonders for your skin.

Shabase, the skincare sensation, is not just a cream; it’s your skin’s confidant in the modern world. Beyond its role as a skincare powerhouse, it serves as a shield against environmental villains like UV rays and pollution. The fusion of natural ingredients, especially the magical touch of sandalwood, not only protects but also imparts a radiant glow, making it a gym-goer’s secret and a beauty enthusiast’s must-have.

In the realm of pros and cons, This product shines with nourishing organic ingredients, deep moisturizing, and a scent that’s a whiff of luxury. However, its limitations, like minor sun protection and potential greasiness for some skin types, are akin to the minor quirks that make a friend unique. It’s not just about flawless skin; it’s about embracing imperfections and still feeling fabulous.

Now, let’s talk Shabase Plus—an advanced sibling with anti-inflammatory prowess, catering to the sensitive and acne-prone. It’s not just a cream; it’s a remedy, a breath of relief for irritated skin, thanks to the soothing water lily extract.

And the essence of Shabase, captured in product details—Brand: Shahnaz Husain, Scent: Sandalwood, and its dimensions, making it not just a product but a meticulously crafted beauty artifact.

This product is a defender, a beautifier, a friend. It’s not about flawlessness; it’s about embracing the quirks. Click the link, not just for a product, but for a journey into self-love and radiant skin!

Overview of Shabase Cream Review 

As a moisturizing sunscreen, and a reliable base for your compact powder. It’s no wonder that even gym lover Zack swears by this amazing product! Whether you have oily, pimple-prone skin or sensitive skin that needs extra care, the  product is suited to most skin types, making it the perfect addition to your daily beauty regimen.

Formulated with an exclusive blend of natural ingredients, including Indian water lily and sandalwood extract, the product provides your skin with a natural protective layer. The powerful infusion of plant extracts and essential oils in this product helps combat acne, pimples, irritation, and other skin issues, making your skin look and feel its best.

Key Benefits 

  • Provides ideal protection against environmental effects like ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollution.
  • Hydrates and soothes the skin, leaving it clear and healthy.
  • Sandalwood in the cream imparts its antiseptic properties, making it ideal for soothing sensitive skin.
  • The creamy base with light coverage gives your skin a natural, radiant glow.
  • Specially formulated for oily, pimple-prone skin, this product keeps your skin oil-free and prevents breakouts.
  • Helps fade light pimple marks and acne blemishes, enhancing your skin’s clarity and smoothness.
  • Can be used in multiple ways: as a moisturizer, massage cream, or base for makeup application.


Using this skin product is as simple as it is effective. Follow these steps to make the most of this powerful cream:

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly using a gentle face wash or cleanser.
  2. Combine it with Shamoist for normal to dry skin, or with Shasilk or Shataj for normal to oily skin.
  3. Apply a thin layer of the product to your face and neck, and leave it on for the day or night.
  4. For added benefits, you can use the product as a massage cream. Mix it with two drops of water and massage your face gently using a gua-sha stone or a face roller.


  • Nourishing Organic Ingredients: The Shahnaz Husain product Sandalwood Protective Base boasts a nourishing blend of organic ingredients and pure sandalwood extract, carefully curated to be gentle on the skin and devoid of harmful chemicals.
  • Deep Moisturizing Properties: Embraced for its exceptional moisturizing capabilities, this base deeply hydrates the skin, combating dryness and leaving it supple and velvety-smooth.
  • Effective Sun Protection: With an SPF 30, the product Sandalwood Protective Base offers commendable defense against harmful UV rays, safeguarding the skin from sunburn and sun-induced damage.
  • Soothing and Cooling Benefits: Experience the natural calming and cooling effect of sandalwood on your skin. The base gently soothes irritated skin, reduces redness, and provides relief from sunburns.
  • Anti-Aging Marvel: Enriched with potent antioxidants, this base actively combats signs of aging. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, promoting a radiant and youthful complexion.
  • Attain Even Skin Tone: Revel in the benefits of the product Sandalwood Protective Base as it evens out your skin tone and reduces the visibility of dark spots and blemishes, granting your skin a flawlessly radiant look.
  • Non-Greasy Formula: Embrace a non-greasy skincare solution with this easily absorbed base, leaving no heavy residue behind. Its smooth, matte finish makes it a fitting choice for all skin types.
  • A Marvelous Makeup Primer: The product Sandalwood Protective Base doubles as an excellent makeup primer, providing a seamless canvas for makeup application and prolonging its adherence to the skin.
  • A Scent of Luxury: Relish the delightful fragrance of sandalwood extract infused into this base, elevating your skincare routine with a touch of opulence.
  • Trusted Beauty Authority: Backed by the expertise and experience of the esteemed Shahnaz Husain brand, this product, Sandalwood Protective Base, is a trusted companion in your skincare journey.


  • Minor Limitation in Sun Protection: While effective, the sun protection offered by the Shabase Sandalwood base is not to dedicated sunscreens.
  • Potential Greasiness for Oily Skin: Users with oily or combination skin may find the texture of the the product Sandalwood Protective Base slightly greasy.
  • Limited Coverage for Blemishes: If seeking a product that conceals skin imperfections like blemishes or scars, the Sandalwood Protective Base may not provide extensive coverage.
  • Not Ideal for Dry Skin: Individuals with dry skin might find the Sandalwood Protective Base less hydrating, potentially leading to dryness and discomfort.
  • Modest Mattifying Effect: For those with oily skin in search of a strong mattifying effect to control shine, the Sandalwood Protective Base might not fully meet these expectations.
  • Potential Limited Availability: Depending on your location, the availability of the Shahnaz Husain product line, including the Protective Base, may be limited, making repurchasing challenging.
  • Consideration for Cost: In comparison to similar products, the prodcct may have a relatively higher cost, which could be a factor for budget-conscious individuals seeking more affordable skincare options.

More on Shabase Plus

shabase productIf you thought this product was already impressive, wait until you meet its sibling – Shabase Plus! This powerful formula takes skincare to the next level with its anti-inflammatory properties and curative effects.

This Plus product is the perfect solution for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. It provides quick relief from acne, pimples, and skin irritations, thanks to its expertly blended natural ingredients. The Plus uses the goodness of water lily extract to soothe rashes and irritation, making your skin feel revitalized and free from discomfort.

Review with Product Details

If you are still curious about the specifics of the product, here are some essential details about this magical cream:

  • Brand: Shahnaz Husain
  • Scent: Sandalwood
  • Item Form: Cream
  • Unit Count: 40 Gram
  • Product Dimensions: 7.09 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches; 1.41 Ounces
  • Item model number: 8374960100592
  • UPC: 794437284132
  • Manufacturer: SHAHNAZ HUSAIN
  • ASIN: B00YH136Y0


it is a beauty elixir that your skin will thank you for. With its powerful blend of natural ingredients and its multiple uses, this skin product has become a favorite among beauty enthusiasts, and it’s time for you to join the ranks.

So, whether you’re a skincare novice or a seasoned expert, this product has something to offer you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the curative effects of this expertly crafted cream. Say goodbye to expensive moisturizers and hello to the organic goodness of this product by Shahnaz Husain.

shabase review image

Get Yours Today!

If you are looking for a premium protective cream that hydrates, soothes, and revitalizes the skin, combating acne and offering light coverage foundation for a natural, radiant glow, then Shabase should be your choice.

Click the link below to order your very own, or check the price and make your decision later.


  • What is the Sandalwood Protective Cover?

    The Sandalwood Protective Cover is a product formulated with natural plant ingredients, including sandalwood extract. It provides ideal protective coverage for the skin.

  • What skin type is the Sandalwood Protective Cover suitable for?

    The Sandalwood Protective Cover is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin.

  • What are Ayurvedic items?

    Ayurvedic items are products that are based on the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing system from India, which uses natural herbs and extracts to promote overall well-being.

  • Is the Sandalwood Protective Cover an Ayurvedic product?

    Yes, the Sandalwood Protective Cover is an Ayurvedic product formulated with herbal extracts, including sandalwood, to protect and nourish the skin.

  • Does the Sandalwood Protective Cover function as a day cream or a night cream?

    The Sandalwood Protective Cover can be used both as a day cream and a night cream. It provides moisturization and protection for the skin during the day and helps in skin repair during the night.

  • What are the benefits of using Ayurvedic products?

    Ayurvedic products, such as the Sandalwood Protective Cover, offer natural and gentle care for the skin and body. They are free from harmful chemicals and provide nourishing benefits.

  • Does the Sandalwood Protective Cover contain herbal extracts?

    Yes, the Sandalwood Protective Cover contains herbal extracts, including sandalwood, which have beneficial properties for the skin.

  • Are there any related products available?

    Yes, we offer a range of related Ayurvedic products, including body lotions, personal care items, hair conditioners, hair tonics, castor oil, hair color, Ayurvedic oils, and more.

  • Where can I find additional information about the Sandalwood Protective Cover and other Ayurvedic products?

    You can find more information about our products on our official website or by contacting our customer support team.

  • Are the rights reserved for the Sandalwood Protective Cover and Ayurvedic products?

    Yes, all rights are reserved for our products, including the Sandalwood Protective Cover and other Ayurvedic items.

  • What are Ayurvedic Bhasman, Ras, Gritham, and Choornam?

    Ayurvedic Bhasman refers to Ayurvedic mineral formulations, Ras denotes herbal juices or extracts, Gritham is medicated ghee, and Choornam is herbal powder mixtures used in Ayurveda for various health benefits.

  • How can I find the ideal protective coverage for my skin?

    The Sandalwood Protective Cover is designed to provide ideal protective coverage for all skin types. However, you can consult with our experts to find the best product suited for your specific skin needs.

Glossary & Related Information

  • Provide Ideal Protection:

    The ability of The product to offer excellent protection against environmental effects like ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollution.

  • Premium Formulation Consists:

    The product is made with a premium blend of natural ingredients, including Indian water lily and sandalwood extract.

  • Gym Lover Zack:

    A satisfied customer named Zack who loves The product.

  • Indian Water Lily:

    A key ingredient in The product that provides quick relief from skin irritations.

  • Providing Quick Relief:

    The product offers fast relief from acne, pimples, and skin irritation.

  • Water Lily Makes:

    The water lily extract in The product soothes rashes and skin irritation.

  • Light Coverage Foundation:

    The product acts as a light coverage foundation, giving the skin a natural glow.

  • Moderation Chalo Atleast:

    A phrase expressing the importance of moderation in skincare routine.

  • Involved Facebook YouTube:

    Shahnaz Husain’s presence on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

  • Light Pimple Marks:

    The product helps fade light pimple marks and acne blemishes, improving skin clarity.

  • Shahnaz Husain The product:

    The full name of the product – The product by Shahnaz Husain.

  • Color Light Pink:

    The color of The product cream, which is light pink.

  • Numerous Free Radicals:

    The product contains antioxidants that combat numerous free radicals, protecting the skin from damage.

  • Water Lily Extract:

    An important ingredient in The product known for its soothing properties.

  • Natural Protective Layer:

    The product forms a natural protective layer on the skin, keeping it safe from environmental pollutants.

  • Acne Pimples Irritation:

    The product aids in reducing acne, pimples, and skin irritation.

  • Protective Cream Aids:

    The product is a protective cream that aids in keeping the skin oil-free and healthy.

  • Skin Feel Renewed:

    After using The product, the skin feels renewed and revitalized.

  • Helps Combat Acne:

    The product’s powerful formula helps in combating acne and pimple breakouts.

  • Shahnaz Protective Base:

    An alternate name for The product by Shahnaz Husain, which acts as a protective base for the skin.

  • Regular Calamine Lotion:

    The product can be used instead of regular calamine lotion to soothe sensitive skin.

  • Soothes Sensitive Skins:

    The product is gentle and soothes sensitive skin.

  • Acne Pimple Skin:

    The product is suitable for acne and pimple-prone skin.

  • Skin Oil-Free:

    The product keeps the skin oil-free, preventing breakouts.

  • Things Beauty Follow:

    Advice and tips on skincare routines and beauty practices.

  • Product Creamy Base:

    The product has a creamy base that glides smoothly on the skin.

  • Specially Formulated Cream:

    The product is specially formulated for optimal skin benefits.

  • Pimple Prone Skin:

    The product is recommended for individuals with pimple-prone skin.

  • Oily Pimple-Prone Skin:

    The product is suitable for those with oily, pimple-prone skin.

  • Pimple Breakouts:

    The product helps prevent and reduce pimple breakouts.

  • Acne Blemishes:

    The product aids in fading acne blemishes and marks.

  • Specially Created:

    The product is specially created to cater to different skin types.

  • Color Texture:

    The product has a creamy texture and light pink color.

  • Free Shipping:

    Some retailers may offer free shipping on The product.

  • Follow Creators:

    Engage with Shahnaz Husain’s brand by following their creators and content on social media.

  • Skin’s Clarity:

    The product enhances the clarity of the skin, making it appear clearer and healthier.

  • Sandal Extract:

    The product contains sandalwood extract known for its healing properties.

  • Rashes Irritation:

    The product soothes rashes and skin irritation.

  • Pimple-Prone Skin:

    The product is beneficial for individuals with pimple-prone skin.

  • Skin Free:

    Using The product can make the skin feel fresh and free from impurities.

  • Organic Cream:

    The product is made of natural ingredients, making it an organic cream.

  • Natural Ingredients:

    The product is crafted with the goodness of natural ingredients.

  • Shahnaz Products:

    The product is one of the products offered by the brand Shahnaz Husain.

  • Eprivacy Directive:

    A privacy regulation that might apply when purchasing The product online.

  • Powerful Infusion:

    The product contains a powerful infusion of plant extracts and essential oils.

  • Antiseptic Properties:

    Sandalwood in The product imparts antiseptic properties, beneficial for the skin.

  • Perfectly Blended:

    The ingredients in The product are expertly blended to create a powerful and effective formula.

  • Environmental Effects:

    The product protects the skin against environmental effects like ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollution.

  • Healing Action:

    The product has a healing action on the skin, reducing irritations and redness.

  • Built-in Resistance:

    The product has a built-in resistance to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollution.

  • Ultraviolet Rays:

    The product offers protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

  • Atmospheric Pollution:

    The product forms a protective barrier against atmospheric pollution.

  • Exclusive Blend:

    The product contains an exclusive blend of potent ingredients.

  • Plant Extracts:

    The product incorporates beneficial plant extracts for skin health.

  • Essential Oils:

    The product contains essential oils that contribute to its effectiveness.

  • Sun Damage:

    The product helps protect the skin from sun damage.

  • Environmental Pollution:

    The product guards against environmental pollution.

  • Expertly Blended:

    The ingredients in The product are expertly blended for optimal results.

  • Curative Effect:

    The product provides curative effects on the skin, addressing skin issues.

  • INR Inclusive:

    The product’s price includes the Indian Rupee currency.

  • Required Fields:

    When purchasing The product online, some fields might be required for checkout.

  • View Comments:

    Check out comments and reviews on The product by customers.

  • Mayorgato Diegui:

    A possible reference, additional context needed.

  • Korean Food:

    Unrelated keyword, additional context needed.

  • Cover 500g17:

    Unrelated keyword, additional context needed.

  • Powerful Formula:

    The product has a powerful formula that delivers effective results.

  • Product Description:

    The product comes with a detailed product description to inform customers.

  • Powerful Blend:

    The product contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients.

  • Multiple Ways:

    The product can be used in multiple ways for various skincare benefits.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties:

    The product Plus has anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for sensitive skin.

  • The product Plus:

    The product Plus is a variant of The product with added benefits.

  • Shavasana:

    Unrelated keyword, additional context needed.

  • The product Plus Uses:

    The product Plus has various uses, including relieving skin irritations.

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